RATP Group acquires Mappy with the aim of developing a French leader in digital mobility

RATP Group, after having significantly enhanced its digital mobility services, is now broadening its field of expertise with the acquisition of Mappy, the third-largest player* in everyday mobility in France after Google Maps and Waze. The two companies have a single goal: to develop a French leader in MaaS, or Mobility as a Service. As of 1 November, the expertise of the Mappy teams will thus complement and strengthen that of the subsidiary RATP Smart Systems. This comes as good news at a time when 69%** of Île-de-France residents aged 18 and over say they are interested in mobility apps.

Bus, tram, metro, RER, private car or car-pooling, bicycle, scooter, motor scooter, taxi, minicab and more: RATP Group and Mappy provide digital services offering users door-to-door journeys that can combine several transport modes. The next step is for the companies to combine their services in a single app, including the ability to book and pay for journeys directly from a mobile phone.

RATP Group, with Mappy’s help, intends to offer a real everyday companion for passengers, public transport authorities, large cities and regions as from 2021.

A 100% French strategic alliance to enhance the customer experience

The complementary expertise of RATP Group and Mappy will allow new functions and practical services to be included in their apps, to better support users on their journeys.

Among these functions and services, new features for customers include:

  • In the Île-de-France region, RATP Group’s digital services will include, in particular, complete mapping of the region, pedestrian and bicycle GPS, and the addresses of nearby professionals. It will be possible to book and pay for trips within the app;
  • Across the country, Mappy’s service will also be enhanced. Multimodal journey planning will include new partners and will provide a combined car, park-and-ride and public transport offer to better respond to environmental and regional accessibility issues. Likewise, users will be able to easily book and pay for their journeys.

Finally, new features for public transport authorities and local authorities:

  • Through its subsidiary RATP Smart Systems, RATP Group will offer a turnkey MaaS app to large cities and regions that wish to acquire it. The featured mobility solutions will be adapted to the reality of the region in question and will rely on Mappy/RATP Smart Systems technological assets.

Mappy’s talents will join those of RATP Smart Systems from 1 November. Hand in hand, they will continue the work already started on the creation of an innovative and sustainable digital MaaS offer.
With the acquisition of Mappy and the development of Navocap, a specialist in operational assistance systems and passenger information (SAE IV), RATP Smart Systems intends to still better anticipate changes in the mobility sector. Today, the subsidiary is therefore able to support large cities and regions in several areas, including ticketing, SAE IV, digital technology and MaaS.

Solid common foundations

Mappy is currently the third-largest mobility player in France after Google Maps and Waze. It features 13 transport modes, 25 mobility operators and has more than 12 million monthly unique visitors to its application and website. It lists more than 5 million points of interest. In total, it planned 4.7 billion routes in 2019.

RATP Group, for its part, is a historical French player in public transport and a player in cities. Every day, it provides 16 million journeys around the world*** and, as such, has solid knowledge of passengers’ needs and expectations. It has wide-ranging expertise, especially in the fields of passenger information and ticketing, whether physical or digital, through its subsidiary RATP Smart Systems. The Group’s digital services have more than 8 million monthly unique users.

Together, with Mappy, we are heralding the mobility of the future. We want to be THE benchmark partner for smart cities. With this alliance, we are giving ourselves the concrete means. With Mappy, we will be exploring a world offering numerous possibilities. Indeed, while the MaaS sector is booming, we are still at the early stages... Everything remains to be built, to be developed. We are ready!

Hiba Farès, Customer Experience, Services and Marketing Director


Through this strategic alliance around mobility, Mappy is taking a further step. Developing an ambitious MaaS service requires a combination of digital and technical expertise, data, payment and after-sales service solutions... By joining RATP Group, we are giving ourselves every opportunity to realise our full potential, to build an ever more innovative service giving our development a real boost. Our teams are fully committed to this new adventure!

Florence Leveel, Chief Executive Officer of Mappy


It is with great pride that we are selling this asset to RATP Group, which, with this agreement, becomes a long-term strategic partner of the Solocal group. I take this opportunity to warmly thank the Mappy teams who have invested fully in recent years. Mappy is one of the flagships of multi-modal mobility in France today, and we know it is in good hands for the development of its MaaS project. This sale is in line with our strategy of refocusing on our strategic businesses. Mappy will continue to be the mapping solution and route planner for our PagesJaunes site and our clients can continue to benefit from preferential visibility on the Mappy platform.

Pierre Danon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Solocal


* According to Médiamétrie in August 2020

** This figure comes from the summary of the MaaX Experiment, carried out in September 2020 by opinion survey company BVA

*** Figure from RATP Group’s 2019 Annual Report