The metro musicians will return on 30 June !

Did you miss our metro musicians? We did too! On Wednesday 30 June, the members of the “Musiciens du métro” (“Metro musicians”) label will return to the Île-de-France Mobilités network operated by RATP.

After over a year during which cultural activities were largely on hold, Île-de-France residents are progressively returning to museums, theatres, monuments, movie theatres, concert halls and other performance venues. It is now time for the members of the “Musiciens du métro” label to return.

Passengers travelling on the metro and RER Île-de-France Mobilités networks operated by RATP will once more be able to listen to these artists’ instruments and voices as they echo through the corridors. Their return is carried out in accordance with current health measures. Wearing a mask thus remains mandatory.

The return of our metro musicians’ artistic activities is excellent news, both for them, but also and notably for our passengers. This is a breath of oxygen after over a year filled with restrictions related to the health crisis. Life and joy are returning to our metro and RER corridors.
During the health crisis, we spared no effort in assisting and supporting our artists in every way, notably on our social networks. We broadcast excerpts of their music and organised live performances. Some artists were even able to play at outdoor events and festivals with enough capacity to accommodate the public. I have in mind the Festival Rhizomes and Villes des Musiques du monde. However, nothing will ever match the atmosphere of our stations, nor the contact with our passengers.

Stella Sainson
Manager of the “Musiciens du métro” label

What is the « Musiciens du métro » label ?

Under normal circumstances, 300 musicians are selected twice a year through auditions. The selected artists are allowed to perform at no cost in specific stations on the Île-de-France Mobilités network operated by RATP. These artists are all members of the “Musiciens du métro” label.
The label, which was created in 1997, serves several goals:

  • provide passengers with quality musical entertainment in RATP spaces to make their journeys more enjoyable
  • promote young talents;
  • allow them to perform in metro and RER stations that many passengers visit daily;
  • provide them with a platform, by allowing them to participate in festivals and events (Solidays, Art’Rock, Festival Chorus, and more), with which RATP partners.

The “Musiciens du métro” label contributed to launching the careers of established artists, such as Keziah Jones, Lââm, Dany Brillant, Manu Dibango, Touré Kounda, Ben Harper, and, more recently, Anis, William Baldé, Pep’s, Zaz, Claudio Cappéo and Arcadian.

Since the beginning of the health crisis, RATP Group has continuously striven to provide its passengers with cultural and artistic events. Moreover, the company has recently launched a large-scale communications campaign.

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