A new collaborative feature on the RATP app for travel with peace of mind

To improve passenger comfort and promote compliance with social distancing rules, on 13 May RATP added a new service to its app: passenger density crowdsourcing (in French: crowdsourcing affluence voyageurs). Wherever you may be on the network, you can now indicate how densely crowded it is on your metro, RER or tram. This is an anonymous, free and easy-to-use service that helps to improve the health safety and comfort of all passengers.

Who better than the passengers themselves to provide reliable, real-time information on how densely crowded it is on their journey? Since 13 May, passengers are invited to share their experience via the app. The goal is simple: to provide details in real time about how densely crowded each train is in order to better streamline the flow of traffic at stops and in stations. A new feature intended to promote compliance with so-called "barrier" measures, in particular social distancing.

How does it works ?

To access this new service, simply download the RATP app to your smartphone. In just a few clicks, you can indicate or view how densely crowded it is on your journey in the metro, RER or tram.
This service is accessible via the app's start screen below the route search bar.

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You then simply follow the guidelines. There are 4 steps for contributing information:

  • In the list, select the line on which you are travelling.
  • Specify your departure stop or station.
  • Specify your destination stop or station.
  • Indicate how densely crowded it is on your journey:
    • Low: seats are available;
    • Average: no seats are available, a few passengers are standing;
    • High: quite a few passengers are standing, but not too closely;
    • Very high: lots of passengers are standing, quite closely;
    • Maximum: passengers are densely packed, and getting on and off is difficult.

To merely view information shared by the community, it's just as easy: as of 1 June, simply search for a route to find out – in real time – how densely crowded it is on your selected journey. You will be invited to contribute your own information if you have not already done so.

Who can contribute ?

Anyone using the RATP networks can share their information and observations with the rest of the community without having to register first, and in complete anonymity.

The RATP application is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.