Eiffage, RATP and POMA team up for aerial mobility

After three years’ research and development, Eiffage Group President and Chief Executive Benoît de Ruffray, RATP Group President and Chief Executive Catherine Guillouard, and POMA Group President Jean Souchal have signed a partnership to combine the three groups’ expertise and propose a joint innovative solution in aerial urban mobility using cableways. The solution will make it possible to participate in specific targeted projects in the Paris region.

With 80 completed urban projects and over 200 others listed worldwide, aerial cableways are now emerging as a fully-fledged mode of public transport that complements the others. There is also a strong dynamic in the Paris region, where no less than seventeen projects are currently under study. Although perceived mostly as a sightseeing approach, aerial cableway transport is one solution in the future in emerging sustainable cities to address increasingly dense and congested spaces and the contracting resources of local and regional authorities.

Urban cableways are a competitive low-carbon solution that complements other current modes and can address increasing density and growing demand for mobility. Thanks to many innovations developed in both systems and urban works integration, a cableway solution invests the aerial dimensions of the city, frees up space on the ground and improves fluidity in constricted urban environments.

Benoît de Ruffray
Eiffage Group President and Managing Director

Soft and sustainable mobility on a par with the challenges facing cities

In combining their know-how, Eiffage, RATP and POMA provide local authorities with a new offering that epitomises the excellence of French industry to ensure sustainable cities. For RATP Group, an integrated company in engineering, operations and maintenance which is committed to greater transport multi-modality, urban cableways are a relevant response to the challenges facing large cities.


The solutions we have developed ensure that the urban cableway transport offering we provide is an efficient option that complements traditional transport modes in dense urban environments. Our offering goes beyond the ability of cableways to overcome natural and technical obstacles and makes it possible to rethink roads and how public areas are appreciated and multimodal transport networks are connected. The skills we have brought together ensure that overhead cableways can now be clearly appreciated as a true urban mode of transport

Catherine Guillouard
RATP Group President and Chief Executive

A 100%-French partnership with innovation as its watchword

The 100%-French partnership between RATP, Eiffage and POMA has been built up over three years around an applied research and development project (I2TC) to adapt known cableway transport systems to the specific constraints of dense urban environments.
POMA, Eiffage and RATP Group are combining their expertise to offer a 100%-electric, carbon-free, high-capacity overhead transport mode in targeted projects that is tailored to the constraints facing local and regional authorities: land scarcity, cost control over service life, urban integration and inter-modality.


In all our projects innovation, respect and commitment to excellence express a philosophy that drives us each day to be close to our customers and partners. It has never been so important to forge links between people and places. The project we present in this partnership goes well beyond adapting one system to an environment. In our increasingly urban society we approach mobility in all its dimensions to offer the best possible service to all users.

Jean Souchal
POMA Group Management Board President