RATP Group and INCO, founder and operator of the SPRINT programme, supported

On Friday 17 May at the 2019 Viva Technology Show in Paris, Catherine Guillouard, RATP Group Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer, and Nicolas Hazard, Chairman of INCO, a major global accelerator of green and social start-ups, signed a formal agreement aimed at identifying and promoting start-ups on an international scale, in the presence of Valérie Pécresse, President of the Île-de-France region.

This partnership is part of the SPRINT programme (StartUp Paris Région International), dedicated to “green” start-ups, developed and operated by INCO in close partnership with the Île-de-France region and eight local authorities (Abidjan, Algiers, Antananarivo, Beirut, Casablanca, Dakar, Yerevan, Tunis). SPRINT aims to respond to the great environmental challenges of our century while supporting innovators and entrepreneurs from French-speaking regions.

As such, looking towards 2020 in this context and in conjunction with RATP Group, INCO will identify and integrate 10 start-ups working on mobility themes in the SPRINT network, and will organise an event in Algiers, bringing together all of the partner incubators from the SPRINT network, where mobility will be one of the key topics. This partnership also provides for an increasing number of exchanges between RATP Group employees and the start-ups involved (events, workshops, mentoring...).

I am delighted to launch this partnership with INCO. I hope it will be fruitful. Their activity in support of start-ups is impressive, and in particular in certain countries where RATP Group has a strong presence. The work we are undertaking represents another step in our collaborative strategy with start-ups and should allow us to speed up our discussions and works to improve mobility in all the regions we serve, particularly the Maghreb. It is a fitting symbol to sign this formal agreement here at the Viva Technology Show, an iconic location for relationships between big groups and start-ups, where RATP Group has welcomed around 30 start-ups, to help us imagine new kinds of more sustainable mobility solutions. 

Catherine Guillouard
RATP Group Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer

I am delighted and enthusiastic to enter into this partnership with RATP Group, a global benchmark in mobility. It is a partnership that fits well with what is important to us here at INCO: the close and necessary cooperation between major institutional players like the Île-de-France region, big companies, and start-ups, to develop new solutions for a more inclusive and sustainable world, in which mobility plays a crucial role. 

Nicolas Hazard
Chairman of INCO

I'm very pleased about the support that RATP Group is bringing to the SPRINT network, which the Île-de-France region launched in 2017 with its partner regions. Thanks to INCO and the public authorities supporting this network, many start-ups now benefit from great mobility and growth opportunities and therefore contribute to reinforcing the links between our régions.

Valérie Pécresse
President of the Île-de-France region