Start-up accelerator: RATP Group launches season 2

RATP Group launches its second start-up accelerator dedicated to new transport modes and improved city living at the Autonomy fair. 6 selected start-ups will be able to benefit from a 6-month business acceleration, to test and deploy their solutions and services on the RATP network.

6 start-ups, 6 themes

Candidates are invited to submit their applications by 26 November 2020 via the dedicated platform. At the end of an initial pre-selection phase, carried out by SPARK, the Group’s start-up programme, the start-ups selected will have to deliver a pitch to the Group’s business experts, based on the following six themes:

  1. Surface networks of the future: imagining the future of bus and tram transport, passenger services at bus stations, passenger accessibility and road sharing with new forms of mobility.
  2. Simplified travel: reinventing and simplifying the daily lives of passengers across the network, introducing passengers to useful services in the city via a friendly, personal welcome.
  3. Talent attraction: attracting the talents of the future, valuing employees and developing training.
  4. New physical assistance technologies: relieving employees engaged in the most repetitive tasks while improving efficiency and productivity.
  5. Digitalisation of activities: digitalising processes and making them more agile, streamlining access to information, real-time situation reports and facilitating interactions between RATP employees.
  6. Covid resilience: deploying innovative and effective solutions meeting current health challenges.

The jury will unveil the 6 selected start-ups in early 2021. They will benefit from 6 months of support (January to June 2021) to test and deploy their solutions on the entire RATP network.

A 6-month support programme

From 2021, the winning start-ups will have access to the advice of RATP’s business experts, as well as the Start-up Leadership Program (6-month non-profit training programme for entrepreneurs, RATP partner), through mentoring credits to be used according to their needs.

The programme will allow start-ups to make their pitch primarily to RATP Capital Innovation, the Group’s investment fund, if financing is required. Trials in the field required to develop the proposed solutions will be funded by the Group.

RATP will also provide access to Urbanopolis, its network of innovation spaces.

Finally, the winning start-ups will be offered a helping hand in terms of communication, by being present on the RATP stand at Vivatech 2021, but also a week-long communication campaign in all Paris metro stations.

Enfin, les start-ups lauréates se verront offrir un coup de pouce en termes de communication, grâce à leur présence sur le stand RATP de Vivatech 2021, mais également une campagne de communication d’une semaine dans toutes les stations du métro parisien.


  • 5 November 2020: call for applications opens
  • 26 November 2020: applications close
  • December 2020: pitch before the RATP jury
  • Early 2021: Season 2 start-ups announced, and acceleration launched

A look back at Season 1

In its first season, RATP Group accelerated the business of 6 start-ups: Geovelo, Bubble VR, Jungle Bus, BulldozAir, and Bioxegy. Despite the impacts of the health crisis, the Group continued to support the winning start-ups, currently under development on the RATP network.

  1. Geovelo participates in intermodality and proposes a secure guidance system for cyclists. The system developed by the start-up has demonstrated its efficiency and has already been integrated into RATP Dev networks in France.
  2. Bubble VR/Wedo is developing a new solution allowing the easy creation of video tutorials on strategic know-how and sharing of such videos among peers. This solution is being tested on the Casablanca tram.
  3. Jungle Bus accurately maps formal and informal transportation networks around the world. A contractual framework for this service is currently being established in order to audit the map repository of bus stops in the Île-de-France region.
  4. BulldozAir simplifies the management and monitoring of the Group’s projects through the industrialisation of a collaborative piloting platform. This solution is being deployed with RATP employees, especially on the line 4 and line 6 renovation sites.
  5. optimises rolling stock management in real time. The Group is finalising the integration of this business application, capable of generating AI optimisation scenarios. After training controllers and switchers, this solution will help them daily in their decisions to assign rolling stock (RER) impacting traffic flow and equipment maintenance.
  6. Bioxegy took inspiration from humpback whale fins to redesign the fan blades installed in the metro to improve air renewal in underground facilities. This innovation is part of the ambitious action plan proposed by RATP to Île-de-France Mobilités on indoor air quality.

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