The transformation of the AH-HP headquarters was assigned to the BNP Paribas Real Estate, Apsys and RATP Solutions Ville consortium

The consortium led by BNP Paribas Real Estate in partnership with Apsys and RATP Solutions Ville won the consultation launched by the Public Hospitals of Paris Organisation (AH-HP) to upgrade its headquarters located in the 4th arrondissement of Paris. The approximately 26,500m²-property complex is subject to an 80-year construction lease. The project, titled “Hospitalités Citoyennes” is inclusive and open to the city. It includes a social and community programme and offers a high environmental performance. Through this project, the consortium seeks to develop the first “mission” property complex in Paris.

In June 2021, AP-HP launched a  consultation regarding the renovation of its headquaters located on 3 avenue Victoria and 4 rue Saint-Martin in Paris, as part of the call for innovating urban projects launched by the City of Paris: “Réinventer Paris”(Reinvent Paris). The consortium led by  BNP Paribas Real Estate, with Apsys and RATP Solutions Ville (RATP Group subsidiary) was the unanimously selected winner. It partners with DPA architects (Dominique Perrault), H2O, Martinez Barat Lafore, Nicolas Dorval Bory, and Atelier Roberta (landscape architect).

''The “Hospitalités Citoyennes” project supports the transformation of an architectural and human heritage to sustainably translate the values of care, community and conservation. Together we work to design the first mission buildings in the heart of Paris.”

Thierry LAROUE-PONT, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BNP Paribas Real Estate 

The “Hospitalités Citoyennes” project will be the new beating heart of the Paris city centre as well as the spearhead for a more hospitable urban world.”

Maurice BANSAY, President and founder of Apsys, developer and investor for the consortium

The project was born of a shared reflection, which mobilised close to 100 people to design an inclusive property complex, open to the neighbourhood, which supports the urban ecological transition for better city living.”
Valère PELLETIER, President of RATP Solutions Ville, developer and investor for the consortium


A strategic site at the heart of Paris

In front of the Town Hall and on the banks of the Seine, next to major tourist attractions, institutions and symbolic places in the capital... The AH-HP headquarters are a unique property complex. They are comprised of two Haussmanian buildings located on 3 avenue Victoria and 4 rue Saint-Martin, covering a total floor surface of approximately 26,500m². The site’s strategical location places it at the heart of challenges and transformations that are shaking up our dense city centres. Thus, the project is a unique opportunity to address major issues such as how to live and work in those urban centres, mobility, ecology, solidarity, diversity, etc. This accountability to the centre of Paris of tomorrow as well as its residents and users is what prompted the reflection and the design of the project.

A diverse programme open on an inclusive and communal city

The property complex, which is currently entirely made up of offices, will change to offer a diverse programme including:


  • 50% office surface designed to adapt to new work modes offering social spaces open on Paris and the Seine. BNP Paribas Real Estate’s Transaction team manages the marketing of these offices.
  • Over 6,000m² of social housing, including 

- 46 family social housing developed and managed by Paris Habitat and RATP Habitat;

- a 50-housing-unit residence for young workers led by RATP Habitat;
- two shelters for women in distress, managed by the Aurore association, a temporary shelter receiving people for a day or night, and a more permanent shelter (18 housing units hosting people for several months) developed by RATP Group’s social housing subsidiary, RATP Habitat.

AH-HP will have reserved booking rights for its healthcare employees as part of the family housing programme and in the young workers residence.


  • Active bases will be open to the public and represent over a quarter of the programme, notably supported by Apsys and the community land bank Base Commune:

- Local retail services (fresh produce market, community concierge service);
- sustainable and eco-responsible restaurants;
- spaces dedicated to health and well-being, notably a health centre with sector 1 agreement and a sport centre;
- spaces dedicated to social and community players (entrepreneurs, craftsmen), with notably the “Pépinière de la Transition”: a place dedicated to training others on the ecological transition challenges;
- a soft mobility hub, a place dedicated to bikes at the heart of the Limited-traffic areas of Paris, operated by RATP Solutions Ville in partnership with the start-up ecosystem RATP Capital Innovation;
- a cold production plant connected to the urban cold network operated underground by Fraîcheur de Paris;
- a communal square open to the public, as well as venues notably available to local associations.

A renovation project that realises the environmental shift away from Haussmannian Paris

The project is deploying to carry out the transition to a carbon neutral city with the consortium making strong commitments in the design and construction of the property complex:

  • an architecture designed as a support structure, which reuses the existing building as much as possible with limited intervention and new scalable reversible and low carbon parts;
  • a very ambitious circular economy strategy that reuses on-site materials as much as possible;
  • a low carbon exemplary renovation that uses bio-sourced materials for reduced energy consumption, controlled by the completion of the BBC Rénovation, BBCA, Décret tertiaire and RE2020 labels; a budget dedicated to carbon compensation for the work;
  • a property complex connected to the urban heating and cooling networks, and local heat recovery to heat up buildings;
  • green spaces in courts and on roofs to green the plot and welcome biodiversity;
  • a programme to support the carbon transition of users (soft mobility hubs, eco-responsible diet, etc.) and the implementation of a protocol to monitor the environmental footprint of the property complex during the 80-year construction lease, notably with the support of RATP Real Estate, RATP Solutions Ville’s real estate services subsidiary.

The “Hospitalités Citoyennes” project is already compatible with the possible direction of the future bio-climatic local urban plan for the City of Paris, to be implemented in 2024.

Delivery scheduled for 2027

AP-HP makes the property complex available as part of the 80-year construction lease, for a capitalised rent amounting to €217 million. The signing of the commitment to lease is scheduled for autumn 2022 and will launch an ambitious phase of temporary occupation of the property complex, managed by Plateau Urbain, to create and implement future uses and programmes until the project delivery in 2027.

A cohesive and dedicated team

BNP Paribas Real Estate, international leader in real estate, Apsys, global urban player and creator of innovative living spaces, RATP Solutions Ville, the RATP Group subsidiary for cities and regions, have selected a cohesive, talented and dedicated team to carry out the highly-symbolic transformation of site historically used by AP-HP.
The architecture and landscape architecture project was designed in workshops under Dominique Perrault Architecture’s watchful eye with H2O, heritage architect, MBL Architectes (AJAP 2016), Nicolas Dorval-Bory Architectes (AJAP 2016) and Atelier Roberta (landscape architect); a design team that was supported by Zefco, Mobius, Arcadis, Vpeas and DAL’s expertise.
Together with Le Sens de la Ville, Vraiment Vraiment, Plateau Urbain, the consortium reflected on the possible uses and designed an open, inclusive and communal city, in partnership with Base Commune (social impact land bank), RATP Habitat, Paris Habitat, Aurore, Stane and  RATP Real Estate. The team was supported by Etude Cheuvreux, EPPC, Gide.


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