First tram line for Setif city, Algeria

SETRAM, an Algerian joint-venture between RATP Dev, the Transtev group and EMA, has launched Sétif’s first tram line on May 2018.

This first tram line, 14.5 passenger-kilometres in length, serves 26 stations linking residential districts, the city centre and key hubs in the city, benefiting the highest possible number of Sétif’s inhabitants.

This new tram line is the latest addition to existing networks operated by SETRAM in Algiers, Oran, Constantine, Sidi Bel Abbès and, very recently, Ouargla. The completion of this project is further proof of SETRAM’s commitment to supporting Algeria’s transition to a new mode of urban transport that is accessible to all, and to offering a new transport service that is safe, reliable and high quality.

It is a great source of pride for RATP Dev to launch Sétif’s first tram line and to support the Algerian authorities in their efforts to develop a high-performance, innovative and sustainable transport network. As with all the other tram and metro networks that we operate in Algeria, our people are fully committed to providing the highest quality of service possible for passengers.

Laurence Batlle
President of the RATP Dev Executive Board

SETRAM in figures

  • 43.2 million passengers transported in 2017
  • 87 kilometres of lines
  • 143 stations
  • 3,277 employees, of whom 3,264 are local

RATP Group in Algeria: an active presence

In 2007, RATP Dev, via its subsidiary RATP El Djazaïr, was awarded the contract to roll-out, operate and maintain the first metro line in Algiers by EMA (Entreprise Métro d’Alger). Algiers was the first city in North Africa to gain a metro service. Along with the Cairo metro, it is the only heavy metro on the whole of the African continent.

Buoyed by its successful operation of the metro, RATP Dev works with the Algerian authorities on their tram projects via SETRAM (Société d’Exploitation des Tramways), an Algerian joint-venture between the Transtev group (Transports Terrestres de Voyageurs), EMA and RATP Dev.

SETRAM is responsible for operating the tram service in Algiers, Oran, Constantine, Sidi Bel Abbès, Ouargla (the first tram in southern Algeria, on the edge of the desert) and Sétif.