RATP Group announces regional Asia-Pacific headquarters in Singapore

RATP Group, one of the world’s leading public transport companies, opened a new subsidiary in Singapore on October 1, 2018 to become its regional headquarters for Asia Pacific. RATP Dev Asia Pacific will bring RATP Dev’s market-leading strengths in developing innovative urban transport solutions to one of the world’s most exciting transport environments.

Singapore’s Land Transport Authority has outlined ambitious plans for smart mobility through its Smart Mobility 2030 vision. With its deep international experience, across 14 countries, in multimodal network operations, RATP Dev aims to build solid cooperation with the Singapore’s public transport authorities and operators by setting up partnerships and creating additional value for residents and visitors.

The new subsidiary will be led by Shaun Tan, who has been appointed General Manager, Singapore. With over 20 years of experience in the transport sector, Shaun brings RATP Dev’s international expertise and innovation to complement Singapore’s existing transport know-how.

I am delighted to announce RATP Dev’s entry into the Singapore market. Singapore has, throughout its history, demonstrated an amazing capacity to innovate and provide world-class services. It is natural therefore that it is investigating mobility services of the future. We wish to become a trusted and long-standing partner to Singapore’s public transport stakeholders and help the city fulfill its ambition to be one of the smartest transport cities in the world. I’m confident that Shaun will play an integral role in ensuring we achieve our goals.

Laurence Batlle