Foreign tourists can now file complaints directly on the RATP network

RATP, the Paris prosecutor’s office and the Paris city police authorities have been experimenting since 20 August with the possibility for foreign tourists incurring a theft to file a police complaint directly on the RATP network. The experiment, which will last six months and involve six RATP network stations, is intended to facilitate victims’ filings and the work of the police.

The complaint form is printed in English and French and can be directly completed by victims with assistance from an RATP operative. The form will be available at six stations on the RATP network where there are particularly high numbers of foreign tourists: Franklin D. Roosevelt (line 1), Anvers (line 2), Saint-Michel – Notre Dame (line 4), Opéra (line 8), Hôtel de Ville (line 11) and Charles de Gaulle – Etoile (RER line A). The form is then directly sent to the Paris prosecutor’s office.

The system applies to “simple” thefts, i.e., without violence and without the possibility of immediately identifying the perpetrator, where the loss incurred does not exceed €1,000.

Making formalities easier for victims and helping the work of the police

This new service, which has been specifically developed for adult foreign tourists, is intended to facilitate and accelerate formalities for victims, as going to a police station can sometimes deter victims owing to the time and organisation involved. Victims can immediately obtain a copy of the complaint as documentary proof of their injury and can very quickly begin the paperwork required by insurance and their own administrative services.

The ability to file a complaint on the RATP network will also save much time for the police authorities, although victims can still file their complaint directly in a police station if they wish.

A facility at the heart of the RATP and Police authority’s tourism plan

Nearly 50 million tourists come to the Paris region each year (40% of whom from outside the country). Over three-quarters of them use the metro network and nearly half the RER network, making RATP a vital part of the sightseeing appeal of Paris and its region. RATP has applied a global tourism plan for over fifteen years to accompany tourists and ensure trouble-free travel as effectively as possible.

The plan includes signage in various languages and hyper signs, the installation of Wi-Fi hotspots and Connect points in stations and information screens in multiple languages. An application, “Next stop: Paris” has also been developed in ten languages to make it easier to discover Paris and the Paris region, while 200 “green waistcoat” operatives are deployed seasonally to help inform tourists.

At the same time, the 2018 tourism plan implemented by the Paris police authorities with RATP includes specific security measures for all stations and public transport networks used by tourists, with increased dynamic police presence intended both as a deterrent and to enforce the law.

The Paris police authorities also provide tourists with preventive measures available in several languages, such as information fliers and the Guide to staying safe in Paris, available in sightseeing and airport and rail waiting areas.