Ever more dedicated services offered to tourists in the Île-de-France region by RATP

In 2017, 48 million tourists visited Paris and its region. For these passengers not accustomed to Île de France region transport, RATP has implemented a number of dedicated services. Whether international (40% of them) or French (60%), RATP pays special attention to these tourists’ passenger experience on its different transport networks (Metro, Bus, Tram and RER).

Tourists on the whole use public transport to go to tourist sites in Paris: 90% use the metro at least once a day and 71% use the bus [1]. The RER suburban lines, which primarily offer connections with the airports, the Palace of Versailles and Disneyland Paris, are used by 45% of tourists.

New services being trialled
RATP has approached start-ups in the tourism sector to provide passengers in Île-de-France with services that could make their stay easier:
•    A luggage storage and delivery service is currently being tested with Eelway, an RATP partner. Eelway transfers luggage between airports, stations, home and hotel.  
•    A digital helpline, available in 6 languages via the City Help Line application, an RATP partner, provides direct access by phone or chat to a personal advisor speaking the passenger's language. The City Helper guides tourists throughout Paris with advice, assistance, activities, excursions, restaurants, shopping and information about everyday life.
 [1] Survey conducted in July 2016 for RATP regarding the use of public transport by tourists coming to Paris Île-de-France

Better information for tourists through digital tools

In addition to audio announcements and signage translated into several languages, RATP also offers other solutions to inform these varied groups of tourists.  The site, wholly accessible in English, has a tourist section that is translated into 10 languages [1].

RATP has also created Next stop Paris, an application intended for tourists and providing cultural information about 130 places of interest. This application has been translated into 10 languages and can be accessed off-line.

RATP is also present on We chat (a messaging application that is very popular in China) offering Chinese tourists transport tickets that can be purchased in Yuan and sent to their homes. Very soon, they will also be able to collect the tickets from Paris City Vision or Open Tour.

In the stations, 60 large Zenway technology touch screens offer tourists multi-modal route planning and access to useful tips about the area around the station (map and address search, places of interest, available services) in 7 languages.

[1] French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil) and Chinese

ecran Zenway

Strong human presence on the network for visitors

As well as the services deployed, 5,300 station staff, reinforced by the green jackets (“gilets verts”) operation, are at the forefront of tourist help and support.

From 1 July to 31 August, 200 green jackets (gilets verts) will be present in some thirty tourist stations to enhance and facilitate the welcome tourists receive.

A digital totem has been installed this year at Marne-la-Vallée – Chessy and Charles de Gaulle Etoile to streamline interactions with tourists by presenting all the digital content that RATP has developed for them.