A new website for you!

Our mission: to accompany you throughout your journey, from itinerary planning to discovering the city.

We are delighted to present our brand new website… your brand new website! The previous version, which dated back to 2010, needed to be completely overhauled so as to take into account new uses and better fulfil our role – which is to help you enjoy all that the city has to offer! Our goal? To provide you with the best possible online services by integrating innovations as they emerge, to facilitate your journeys at the heart of a more sustainable city. In redesigning our website, we started with the essentials: you… and thus your uses and your needs. 

A brand new website at your service!

Online users turn to our website to find an itinerary, check timetables, get traffic information and consult maps. That’s why we have placed service at the heart of our website.

  1. The itinerary search tops our home page
    No need to scroll down to find this service: our itinerary search is directly available.
  2. Search results propose several itineraries
    We systematically propose several itineraries in order to leave you the choice, depending on whether you prefer to walk more, use only ground transport, go as quickly as possible, or make the fewest number of transfers.
    The map has also been enlarged, so that you can better visualise all the segments of your journey.
  3. Concise traffic information
    When you move the pointer over a disrupted line, you will obtain information about the incident, event or construction work. New feature: to the right of your traffic information, you will find advice for making your journey under the best conditions. 
  4. Accessible from the home page in 1 click: hours, maps 
    Under “maps”, you now have access to all of our line maps, which you can view directly in your browser with no need for downloading!
    The “hours” section has also been overhauled and reinvented for use on the go: quick access to transport modes, next arrival times, etc.

    To display the next arrival times, select a line and then a specific stop or station.
  5. Practical information for tourists
    Available in 10 languages, the “Visiting Paris” section brings together all of the practical information that helps visitors plan their stay in the French capital and the Île-de-France region.

A new website to accompany you on your journeys

  1. Mobile first
    The majority of our website visits are now made using mobile devices, either smartphones or tablets. Our website has now been redesigned and developed to correspond to mobile use, which continues to grow.
  2. On-board content
    We propose articles that give you a chance to discover exhibitions, concerts, and all the cultural and sporting events that we sponsor, as well as our favourite poems from our Poetry Grand Prix and articles about RATP’s heritage.

A new website that answers all your questions

Day after day, our staff are on hand to make your journey easier. For us, it’s essential that our website provide you with the same quality service.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    Do you have a question about our travel passes and fares, preparing your itinerary, paying fines, or RATP services? The answer can be found in our FAQ. If you do not find the information you are looking for, you may also contact us using our simplified online contact form.
  2. Articles that give you a look “Behind-the-scenes at RATP”
    Why is traffic disrupted when there is a serious accident involving a passenger? What is a catenary line? What is it like to work as an RATP agent? We open the company’s doors to give you a glimpse “behind-the-scenes.”

A new website that opens the doors of our Group

  1. Key information on the RATP Group (context) 
    What are our areas of expertise? Our transport offers? Our strategic priorities? Our commitments? In how many countries does the Group operate?
  2. A Newsroom for journalists, where they will find all the latest news on our Group (context) 
    Press releases and kits, agendas, etc.: you will find all the news about our Group, which can be sorted by theme or date.
  3. “Join RATP” – our recruitment section (context)
    Discover our career opportunities and latest job offers!

A new website that’s evolving, and that takes you into account

The website you are seeing today is in its first version. During the early stages of its overhaul, we were keen to query our users, to test our first intuitions, make corrections, and invent a new design.

Today, we are delivering to you the first results of this work, and we invite you to tell us what you think by using the questionnaire below:

Already, we are planning to make several changes in the months ahead, and we encourage you to share your opinions by using the form below: