RATP launches a campaign to call passenger's attention to issues regarding unattended bags on metro and RER trains

Between 13th and 26 September 2021, RATP and Île-de-France Mobilités are set to launch a poster and social media campaign to remind passengers not to leave their bags and luggage behind when they exit trains on the metro and RER networks.

An unattended bag means 1 hour of delay in traffic !

Between January and June 2021, over one million passengers on the RATP metro and RER networks experienced delays during their commute due to unattended bags and luggage. This comes down to an average delay of 38 minutes per unattended luggage.

Through the implementation of a passenger-awareness campaign, RATP encourages its passengers to be careful not to leave their bags behind during their daily commute. This will in turn make traffic smoother during the busy back-to-work period.

The campaign was created through the joint efforts of the Havas Paris communication agency and RATP, and its friendly messages aim to catch the attention of all those travelling on the networks.

The media plan strategically places the messages in the areas and at times where most lost luggage incidents occur: on board metro and RER trains, on station platforms and on RATP’s social media accounts to be seen on passengers’ smartphones.


Handling of unattended items

With the support of Île-de-France Mobilités, RATP implemented a scheme aiming to guarantee passenger safety through rapid intervention regarding unattended items. Its mission is to offer an alternative to the systematic intervention of police mine-clearing services. As such, it strives to combine safety with smooth traffic by speeding up interventions on unattended items, thus accelerating the return to normal operations. RATP also has 20 canine units ready to intervene throughout the railway network in the event that an unattended item intervention is required.

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