Sustainable mobility

Bus 2025: the ambitious RATP plan for a 100% ecologically-friendly fleet

RATP committed in 2014 to a major technological and ecological transformation with the aim of converting most of its bus depots to electricity by 2025. This is the 2025 Bus plan. The ambitious plan implements the aim of transport authority Ile-de-France Mobilités (IDFM) to remove diesel-powered buses from the Paris region network.

RATP, a committed party in sustainable cities, ultimately aims at a 100% ecologically-friendly fleet by 2025 in the Paris region, featuring fully electrically-powered buses and buses powered by renewable gas and hybrid energy sources in line with the targets of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20% listed in the Île-de-France Urban Transport Plan.

With this plan RATP will radically transform its industrial facilities by converting two-thirds of its bus depots to electrically-powered buses and one-third to biogas in line with the renewal of its fleet of buses. The revolution has already begun. At the request of IDFM, RATP issued a huge tender for several hundred vehicles. Furthermore, Line 341 is already fully equipped in electric buses, while lines 115 and 126 are partially fitted out in order to test new recharging technologies.

There will be a vast industrial program involving a total of twenty-five RATP bus depots to be adapted and modernised for electric or bioNVG buses.

The bold challenge faced by RATP makes the group a pioneer and mobilises all the group’s skills. RATP is steering every aspect of the conversion: engineering, maintenance and operations. A world-first for a transport operator and a fleet of this size.

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