For our employees

An attractive employer

Our Group’s development is based on respecting our employees, developing their skills and expertise, and striking a balance between their professional and private lives. Since its creation, our Group has relied on the know-how and involvement of the men and women who work for the Group and who are its greatest asset.

Our human resources policy aims to promote the career development and fulfilment of each of our employees, within the framework of our company’s common project and a balanced model of economic, social and societal challenges.

Group ethics charter

The ethics charter reiterates the principles that lie at the core of our Group’s actions as an employer, in terms of the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees in the workplace. In particular, it insists on respect for diversity, non-discrimination, and the quality of life in the workplace. A committee on ethics, corporate social responsibility and compliance was set up in 2016 to ensure that our values and national legislation are being respected within our Group on the four continents where we do business.

Diversity and equal opportunity

Equal opportunities for career development and the principle of diversity in hiring are inscribed in our Group’s fundamental values. In 2004, we signed the Diversity Charter, and in 2007, we were the first public-sector company in France to begin using anonymous CVs.

We have signed numerous agreements with social partners relating to gender equality, the development of career paths for seniors, and the integration or retention of jobs for persons with disabilities.

We are one of the leading recruiters in the Île-de-France region. We have a job insertion policy for youth in the 16 to 26 age group with little or no qualifications, who are offered skills training and degree programmes.

Health and safety, two priorities

Ensuring the safety and health of our employees is one of our Group’s core commitments, and we intend to be exemplary in this area. We implement policies to prevent risks, to reduce workplace accidents and occupational illnesses, and to retain staff by preventing them from becoming unemployable.

In the Île-de-France region, we have historically relied on an independent occupational health service, and we provide all our employees with a completely free medical service in several medical centres. As part of the 2016-2020 contract with STIF in the Île-de-France region, we have pledged to take new actions to reduce our employees’ exposure to diesel emissions and fine particles in our underground spaces.

In our subsidiaries, we carry out awareness campaigns for better nutrition and health practices in partnership with dieticians, especially for drivers working night shifts.

Quality of work life

Improving the quality of life in the workplace is a constant concern. We are stepping up our actions for risk prevention, career development and support, and striking a balance between professional and family lives.

Skills development

Training, which enables our employees to progress throughout their professional careers, is a key structural element for ensuring our social, human and economic performance over the long term. Created in 2012, our RATP Group University is responsible for preparing each employee for the Group’s lines of business with an eye to the future, and allows for a common corporate culture to be shared. It federates all our employees, from all hierarchical levels, horizons and professions, through a cross-functional training programme. Faced with the growing importance of everything digital in our lines of business, in 2016 we launched a vast online awareness campaign for all our employees on the challenges and uses of digital technology.

Strong social dialogue

Maintaining a strong social dialogue is a central part of our Group’s identity, and a key contributor to our performance. Our social alarm system has proven to be an effective way to prevent labour conflicts, thanks to our ongoing dialogue with labour partners, and it is now a general practice in France. Each year, this social dialogue leads to the signing of numerous collective bargaining agreements covering all areas that affect the lives of our employees.

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