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Promoting diversity and equal opportunities
We are one of the largest employers in the Île-de-France region. As a window to the city, we want to be a reflection of the regions that we serve and the passengers that we move. This is why we are enforcing a recruitment policy deeply committed to combating all forms of discrimination, to make diversity and equal opportunity the most prominent values of our Group.

Equal opportunity and diversity in the employment process are rooted in our Group’s fundamental values. In 2004, we signed the Diversity charter and have proceeded to remove all exclusionary criteria from our hiring conditions.
We have expressed our values of openness, diversity and rejection of all forms of discrimination through a series of commitments:

Helping disadvantaged youth enter the workforce

We enforce a policy that aims to help young adults between the ages of 16 and 26 to enter the workforce, regardless of their education level. In line with this policy, we offer training courses that lead to professional certifications or diplomas. Young adults in this category account for approximately 10% of staff recruited in the Île-de-France region.

Work-study policy

In 2023, RATP has set its sights on accommodating 1,000 new work-study applicants, 850 of whom will work in the CFA MUD (sustainable urban mobility apprenticeship centre). This year, for the second year running, the number of vacancies for bus drivers has increased by 10%, the equivalent of 670 positions.
Since 2017, the apprenticeship centre has trained over 2,400 apprentices in 6 professions – bus drivers, traffic regulators, station reception staff, maintenance technicians, human resource officers and financial experts. The training offer was expanded in 2022 to include courses to train inspectors and security officers.

Gender equality

For many years now, RATP has been upholding a policy that aims to establish professional and wage equality between men and women, an intention that has been integrated into its contract policy since 2003. RATP is proud today to have achieved a 100/100-point index for 2022, for the second year in a row!

RATP has achieved the highest score based on 5 defined indicators:

  • Removal of wage disparities between men and women employees (40 points);
  • Equal opportunities for wage increases (20 points);
  • Equal opportunities for promotions (15 points);
  • All employees receive raises upon their return from parental or adoption leave if raises had been given during their absence (15 points);
  • At least 4 women among the 10 highest salaries (10 points).

On 20 March 2019, Management and all labour union organisations signed the 5th agreement on professional and wage-based equality for both men and women, thereby confirming their will to adopt a dynamic approach to ensuring gender equality. This agreement, along with its amendment signed in March 2020, aims to continue increasing the number of women employed in the company, and guarantee fair treatment from the recruitment stage and throughout the duration of their employment. The agreement guarantees equal access to all positions in the company, as well as to upward mobility, training and professional responsibilities. It also guarantees the same wage principles and closely tracks promotion schemes with regard to employees returning from maternity, adoption or caregiver leave, or from part-time employment, to keep discrepancies to a minimum.

Since 2017, RATP has been actively leading RATP au féminin, a programme that aims to promote diversity in the Group and which notably offers individual or group coaching operations to guide women in positions of authority through the development of their leadership skills.

Representation of women/men within RATP in 2022 (French Rixain law indicators):
- Executive committee: comprises 6 women and 5 men, i.e., 55% women and 45% men;
- Management executives: 37% women and 63% men.

Inclusion of people with disabilities

We have signed a memorandum of agreement with labour union organisations on the employment of workers with disabilities. At the same time, we have been conducting operations to retain employees affected by a disability.

Support for seniors

We develop career paths that optimise the second half of careers. We also set up systematic job assessments that aim to develop tutoring and knowledge sharing.

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