For our employees
The training of our security agents
The training centre for RATP’s Safety division, created in 1994, provides training for security agents as well as for other categories of personnel, mainly operating staff in contact with the public.

It also provides training outside of the company for the personnel of RATP Group subsidiaries, as well as other companies and institutions.

Certified ISO 9001 Version 2015 and listed by DATADOCK, the training centre participates throughout the training process to offer customised services:

  • Special needs expertise
  • Design, adaptation and evolution of workshops and training programmes, according to the target audience
  • Organisation of workshops and training programmes
  • Assessment of training sessions using workshop evaluations
  • Post-training support when necessary.

The training centre’s missions

  • Professionalize security and security-related occupations through training that jointly develops technical, practical and analytical skills.
  • Anticipate and adapt training programmes to keep pace with changing environments and behaviour.
  • Provide training that meets the needs of passenger service personnel and others in contact with the public.

Infrastructure and equipment

  • 6 training rooms with movable partitions
  • 1 physical education room
  • 1 development room
  • 1 situation room (rail and bus configurations)
  • 2 dojos

Three key areas of expertise

Specific training for security agents

  • Training to be a professional security agent
  • Practice and improvement of intervention techniques

Management of relational and conflictual situations

Staff development

Key figure

trainers and some 31,000 training days.
Security Prévention