For our passengers

Our passengers are the focus of our full attention

Day in and day out, our teams focus all of their attention on satisfying our passengers and meeting their needs. We invest in systems and set up structures to enable our passengers to travel safely and serenely, in a public transport network that is open and accessible to as many people as possible.

Rail safety, a top priority

The safety of our rail networks (metro, tramway and RER) is a top priority for the entire Group. Risk management is a constant concern in all areas, from engineering to maintenance and operations. Capitalising on our accumulated experience with the century-old Paris metro, the diversity of our lines of business and our activities on four continents, our teams benefit from the best feedback.

Since 2012, the General Delegation on Rail Safety reports directly to the chairwoman. It intervenes throughout the Group as part of the annual programme of rail safety audits, which are validated by the Executive Committee.

Travelling serenely

The resources devoted to passenger safety were further increased in 2016, in a context marked by terrorist attacks in Europe. In France, we are the only transport service provider, along with SNCF, to have in our network a special force comprised of 1,000 sworn and armed security agents: the GPSR (Groupe de Protection et de Sécurité des Réseaux). They are in direct contact with the 1,100 agents of the Rail Network Police Brigade, via the RATP Security Command Post and a Police Command Post that share the same site at Maison de la RATP.

Key figures

RATP security teams are deployed daily throughout the Île-de-France network.

In South Africa, the Gautrain regional express line that we operate between Pretoria and Johannesburg benefits from similar resources, with 600 security personnel and 1,200 surveillance cameras installed in the stations and on board trains.

We strive to build passenger awareness about the right ways to use our public transport networks, with communication campaigns to remind passengers about the fundamental rules of safe mobility. In 2016 then in 2018, in the Île-de-France region, we launched a campaign called #consignesAIRATP with an offbeat, humorous tone that called on passengers to be more vigilant, because too many accidents are caused by carelessness.

Recognising the importance and the specific nature of the fight against the harassment of women in public transport, we have set up an information campaign in our Île-de-France network to remind passengers of existing alert systems, in order to ensure the safety of female passengers.

A human presence in the Île-de-France network

Our networks, notably in the Île-de-France region, benefit from a strong human presence that our passengers appreciate. Our employees are trained to provide personalised, proactive service that is geared towards passengers. The 2016-2020 contract with STIF reaffirms the need for our agents to be in contact with passengers in all our metro and RER stations, and we deploy mobile teams to reinforce this presence. Our Noctilien night bus network has benefitted from the recruitment of additional agents for this purpose as well, as was GPSR.

Mobility for all

Fostering access to all modes of public transport via specific mobility offers that are adapted to different needs is a priority. We deploy innovative equipment and services designed for passengers with reduced mobility. Our entire Île-de-France bus fleet is now equipped with low floors and audio announcements, and newly commissioned buses have two spaces reserved for passengers in wheelchairs.

In 2016, we launched the Equisens programme in the Île-de-France region, which aims to make it easier for persons with sensorial or mental disabilities to get their bearings and find their way in our public spaces, thanks to improved lighting, acoustics, signage and information. Our new version of the RATP mobile app now includes specific itinerary searches for persons with reduced mobility, with indicated travel times that are more in line with their travel constraints. This adaptation was made in collaboration with representative associations.

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