For our passengers
The RATP mediator
The Mediator intervenes at the passenger’s request to resolve, amicably and free of charge, a dispute that she or he may have with RATP pertaining to violations, or any other subject covered by the contract of carriage.

When to file a complaint with the Mediator?

To file a complaint with the RATP Mediator, you must first submit a written complaint to RATP Customer Service or the subsidiary concerned. If you are unhappy with the response you receive from Customer Service, or if you do not receive a response within a month, you may then file a complaint with the Mediator, within a period of up to one year from the date of the written complaint to RATP or its relevant subsidiary, or, in the particular case of violations, within two months of the date of the violation.

In what cases can you call on the Mediator?

  1. For all consumer-related disputes (for example, questions about provisions, the quality of service, and violations).
  2. For complaints arising from construction work, or even by the actual operation of transport services (noise or visual nuisances, for example).

The RATP Mediator

RATP and its public transport subsidiaries in France propose a company Mediator who is designated by a joint collegiate body comprised of representatives of certified national consumer associations and Group representatives. Following verification by the Consumer Mediation Evaluation and Control Commission, the Mediator is added to the European Commission’s list.

You may file your complaint online via the Mediator’s dedicated website:

You may also file your complaint by post at the following address: RATP Mediator
54, quai de la Rapée
75599 Paris Cedex 12

For cross-border disputes

The European platform for online settlement of disputes, used to determine which mediator has jurisdiction in cross-border disputes, is now available in all European Union member countries at the following address: