Our strategic priorities

Facing the challenges of new urban mobility

In order to consolidate its position as a leader in sustainable, connected urban mobility and a privileged partner of smart cities, the RATP group has developed four strategic priorities within the framework of its 2025 Challenges plan.

Confirming operational excellence

In order to provide its customers with an optimum level of service, the Group strives to attain maximum performance in all its activities. Its aims are to develop a service-oriented culture, continue to maintain a high level of performance, enhance the security of its networks and strengthen its position as creator and manager of infrastructures for the different regions.

Preparing for competition and developing in France

The company is preparing itself and its employees for the opening to competition in Île-de-France in order to be ready for the first tenders in the region and win new contracts in France.

Becoming a privileged partner of smart cities

In order to develop its commitment to new forms of mobility, the company relies on its performance in terms of CSR and proposes innovative solutions based on its data and digital assets as well as its industrial and real estate properties.

Pursuing development in France and abroad

The Group is stepping up its development in order to become one of the world leaders in urban mobility in the long term, thanks to its traditional know-how as well as that of its subsidiaries.

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