Passenger information / Operating system

RATP mobile app accompanies you on the move

We offer a comprehensive, coherent information system to keep you informed, at the right moment, throughout your journey.

A reference for public transport in the Île-de-France region, the RAPT mobile app is used by more than 2 million passengers every month. Regularly evolving to adapt to their needs, our app offers passengers a host of services that are geolocalised and customised to accompany them throughout their journey.

Our website also provides information that can be used to prepare a journey: traffic information, fares, maps, itinerary search, and next arrival times in real-time.

We also propose two apps geared towards specific audiences:

  • Mon RER A”, available via IOS or Android, is an app dedicated to regular passengers on the RER A that allows them to visualise the location of trains in real-time.
  • Next Stop Paris”, available via IOS or Android, is an app dedicated to tourists. Available in 10 languages, and capable of operating without an internet connection, the app provides information for passengers who do not travel frequently in the Île-de-France region.

RATP agents, present in all stations, are also equipped with dedicated apps that help them to better assist passengers in our spaces.

Lastly, precise local information is also available in stations, trains and buses via electronic displays (real-time schedules, traffic information) and fixed elements (signs, maps).

This systemic approach enables us to keep all our passengers informed, at the right time and in the right place, according to their needs.

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