For the planet and the city

Committed to the environment!

Each day, we transport 16 million passengers throughout the world. We are convinced that our role is to encourage a socially responsible approach: in Paris, a passenger journey by RER or tram emits fifty times less CO2 than the same journey by private car!

We do our utmost to limit our environmental footprint, saving resources and limiting pollution of any kind related to our industrial activity, from the design of infrastructure to the network operation. In this context, we are developing innovative and ambitious approaches to help towns and large metropolitan cities face their challenges, in terms of air pollution, noise, the fight against climate change and the circular economy. Notably, RATP is certified in energy management according to ISO standard 50001 for all its activities in the Île-de-France region.

Committed to the environment!

The Grenelle 2 act (law n° 2010-788 of 12 July 2010, article 75) requires state-owned companies with more than 250 employees to conduct a carbon report. This mandatory report comprises greenhouse gas emissions induced by energy consumption.
We were pioneers in this field: we began conducting a comprehensive carbon assessment of our businesses as early as 2006. Thanks to this report, we are able to measure our carbon footprint and to identify and set priorities for actions aiming to reduce our emissions. 

Key number

reduction in energy consumption and 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per passenger/kilometre, compared to 2015: this is our goal for 2025!

Expert in sustainable mobility

For us, only the construction of a complete, door-to-door mobility service structured around a dense, high performance public transport network, and positioning itself as an alternative to the car, will allow for the creation of a sustainable mobility eco-system that meets your needs, and those of your community.


  • Through the implementation of complementary services, such as the ride-sharing service currently being tested with the start-up Sharette since 2015, or the deployment, with Île-de-France Mobilités, the Organising Authority for public transport in the Paris-Île-de-France region, of secure bike parking areas near stations, via the subsidiary RATP Travel Retail (formerly Promométro).

  • Through the search for increasingly efficient itineraries, deployed on our site, our mobile apps, and even on connected watches, to propose tailor-made, contextualised and multi-modal itineraries. As part of the logic of door-to-door mobility, Vélib’ bike sharing data are integrated with our route planners.

Caring about your health

We constantly monitor and analyse the air that circulates in our underground rail networks. Our measurements show satisfactory thermohygrometric conditions, yet with high levels of metallic particles, emitted primarily by our rolling stock’s mechanical braking systems. To improve air quality, we focus our efforts on improving air renewal in our spaces and reducing particles emitted by mechanical braking.


Innovation Commitments