For the planet and the city
RATP has obtained “Exemplary” level in CSR Committed certification from AFNOR (the French standardisation association)
By “dedicating every day to better city living”, RATP has confirmed the maturity of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach with the award of “Exemplary” level in CSR Committed certification from AFNOR, the highest level of recognition in this field.

After being awarded the “Confirmed” level in 2019, RATP has obtained the highest level of CSR Committed certification (Initial/Transitional/Confirmed/Exemplary), thereby firmly rooting the central role of sustainable development in its overall strategy.

RATP owes this recognition and progress to the joint creation of its driving purpose revealed in March 2021; a CSR approach driven by RATP Group’s 69,000 employees with a daily commitment to the sustainable and positive transformation of cities.

This recognition highlights all the aspects of the CSR approach: social, societal and environmental. RATP obtained an overall score of 737/1000; an excellent result that recognises the company’s governance vision and CSR policy and its implementation and communication. 

The assessors highlighted some important points in the company’s CSR policy, including: 

  • its willingness to re-invent a business model that fully incorporates its driving purpose and CSR policy;
  • its capacity for adaptation, innovation and the agility of its organisation in view of its size;
  • its analysis of the nature of CSR issues which is conducted in an innovative and participative way;
  • the many social and economic contributions it makes in the regions where it operates;
  • an excellent performance, notably in terms of human resources, community involvement and sustainable modes of production.


This internationally recognised certification is valid for 3 years and was awarded following an assessment of the company’s CSR strategy. Eight areas were assessed: the organisation’s CSR vision and governance, the implementation of CSR in its business, human resources, labour relations, production modes and consumer issues, community involvement and its social, environmental and economic outcomes. Assessment for Committed CSR certification took place on site and included several interviews with key internal and external stakeholders.

It is the crowning achievement after the assessment of the level of incorporation of ISO 26000 principles into the organisation’s strategy and management.