For the planet and the city

Solidarity and the City

We are in direct contact with the city and its inhabitants. Through our business activity, we are confronted daily with certain harsh social realities, such as the social exclusion of the homeless in our underground networks. Over the years, we have acquired a great deal of experience and know-how that can help resolve certain social problems.

Getting involved via our Fondation

The RATP Group Foundation supports projects that promote access to education, jobs and culture wherever we do business – which is to say in the Ile-de-France region, in more than 30 French cities and metropolitan areas, and in 14 countries on 4 continents.

Key figures

a 40
increase in new projects yearly, over €700,000 assigned to the projects, over 40,000 beneficiaries.

Our Foundation embodies our values in the field, foremost of which are people, the general interest, respect and openness. A veritable intermediary between civil society and our company, the Foundation strives to put your projects into motion while encouraging our employees’ voluntary involvement.

In Mumbai, for example, where RATP Dev – one of our subsidiaries responsible for operating and maintenance activities in France and abroad – operates metro line 1, the Foundation has been engaged in a partnership with the NGO A roof in Mumbai since 2012. This NGO provides girls from the slums with food assistance, medical treatment, and help with homework. Several RATP and RATP Dev employees have decided to sponsor children being cared for by this NGO.

Continuing Recueil Social’s exemplary actions for the homeless

We set up Recueil Social in the early 1990s, to help society’s most underprivileged people on a daily basis. The charity provides the homeless with initial assistance and guides them towards host organisations, if they so wish. We are committed to pursuing the work of this organisation, which is run by volunteers, and to step up its activity during periods of crisis.

Partnerships with local communities

We want to contribute to the socio-economic development of the communities that we serve. To this end, we build ties with all local stakeholders (local authorities, associations promoting inclusion, local employment task forces, etc.), particularly in the most disadvantaged areas.

Our Territorial Development Agencies, created in 2002, are one of the vectors for implementing this policy in the most vulnerable areas. In partnership with the relevant stakeholders, we conduct prevention campaigns (guidance, education, etc.) in urban areas, through our network of managers who are responsible for preventive measures.

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