Providing outstanding service to passengers

Exemplary passenger services

Attentive to our passengers’ needs and expectations
What people expect from public transport is evolving. Passengers want safe, reliable and comfortable transport services, but also flexible offers, personalised information that is put into context as they move about the network, and additional stores and services. To meet their expectations, we place the passenger’s needs at the heart of our concerns, doing everything we can to be the reference for quality service in public transport. Passenger questionnaires and satisfaction surveys, discussions with associations, dialogues on the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.…): we exploit all communications channels to better target our passengers’ needs and expectations. This proactive approach to services is captured by the RATP Group’s new brand logo: “Demandez-nous la ville” (Ask us for the city).

Accompanying our passengers from door to door

We are deploying new tools and services that aim to provide “seamless” passenger information, by incorporating data from other transport providers. In Paris, regional passengers use our itinerary search app daily to guide them through the network: with 1.2 million searches each day on and the RATP app, this is one of the most popular apps in the Île-de-France region.

Our RATP Dev subsidiary offers its client networks a totally transversal, geolocalised information service, using a platform that can integrate all of an area’s transport modes (bus, tramway,interurban rail, car sharing, ride sharing, bikes…), allowing passengers to plan their itinerary in just a few clicks.

The highest standards

We are permanently re-examining our operating modes and functions to ensure we meet the highest global standards. We share our experiences and best practices, while comparing our performance indicators with other international-scale transport service providers based on benchmarking networks that cover the world’s major transport operators: Community of Metros (CoMET), International Bus Benchmarking Group (IBBG), and Railway and Transport Strategy Center (RTCS).

Transforming time spent in public transport into time well spent

With support from our RATP Travel Retail (formerly Promometro) subsidiary, we are constantly searching for new offers of complementary shops and services to transform our passengers’ travel time into a useful moment to get things done. In the Île-de-France network, for example, we propose Conciergeries 3.0, a concierge service for passengers to take care of daily chores while they commute (ironing, dry cleaning, laundry, alterations, shoe repair, etc.).

Major security and safety resources

Security and safety are high priorities for passengers on public transport networks. In France, RATP is the only transport service provider, alongside SNCF, to have a dedicated force of 1100 sworn and armed security agents permanently circulating in its metro and RER stations. The 40,000 cameras deployed in our networks and on board vehicles are connected to the RATP security command post, and a police station is located on the same site. In South Africa, where our subsidiary operates the Gautrain express rail service between Pretoria and Johannesburg, an in-house security force modelled on the same system is deployed.

Giving tourists a warm welcome

In Paris, the world’s number-one tourist destination, we are increasing the number of services to familiarise visitors with our networks. During peak tourist seasons, more than 200 polyglot agents are on hand to greet foreign tourists, and are equipped with touchscreens the provide passenger information updated in real-time. To make it easier for tourists to get around, we have improved 26 sites, with signing in foreign languages and special floor markings. Our free app “Next Stop Paris” is available in 10 languages, providing tourist information as well as numerous services.

Living spaces full of life

Organising events and exhibitions in our spaces, displaying poems and photos inside metro trains and buses… whenever possible we transform our networks into places for discovery and events. In Bournemouth, England, our Yellow Buses subsidiary displays the works of local artists on board buses. In Paris, 300 artists are certified as “Metro Musicians”, a very popular programme that has inspired similar actions by other public transport networks around the world.

Our priorities Mobility Innovation