Nomad or mobile ticketing services with RATP Smart Systems

The Bi-Mo® solution, developed by our subsidiary RATP Smart Systems (formerly Ixxi) and available on iOS and Android, allows passengers to purchase paperless transport tickets and travel passes via their smartphone, to validate them when boarding, and to generate a QR code for ticket inspections.

No more queues to purchase tickets or travel passes: our Group’s operating subsidiaries, such as Yellow Buses in Bournemouth in southern England, stand out today for apps that allow nomad passengers to purchase tickets online and to download them on their mobile devices or tablets, for a single journey, or for a day, a week or more.

The Bi-Mo® app developed by our RATP Smart Systems subsidiary offers passengers numerous advantages: they can purchase tickets at any time for one or more individuals and even for travel on multiple transport networks – including single tickets, books of 10, or travel passes covering longer periods – with the possibility of transferring the tickets to a third party’s mobile device. The paperless tickets and travel passes can be validated and checked visually or via a secure, dynamic QR code, even without an internet connection. The app does not require registration beforehand because purchases are done anonymously.

This solution also offers numerous benefits for the networks and the transport organising authorities. Our subsidiary’s app can integrate customisable, multi-operator fare schedules, and can be integrated within existing ticketing systems without the need for additional equipment.

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