Casa Tram
Casa Transport, contracting authority for the Casablanca tramway project, awarded operation of the first tramway line in Casablanca to RATP Dev.

CASA TRAM, RATP Dev's subsidiary,operates and maintains for five years the first tramway line. RATP Dev developed the program and operating procedures, along with maintenance regulations and policy. It also carried out all operating technical trials before launching tram operations. 
RATP Dev deployed a team of experts to hire and train local staff. Over 600 jobs had been created.

Key figures

of track, 48 stops and 120,000 trips per day

Line 1 was inaugurated on 12 December 2012. It is 30 km long with 48 stops and connects the eastern parts of the city (Sidi Moumen, Moulay Rachid) with the south-west (Hay Hassani and the university district) via the city centre. There are currently 120,000 trips per day and some 250,000 passengers are expected per day with interoperability with bus.

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