Hong Kong and Shenyang Tramways

Hong Kong tramway

In Hong Kong, since April 2009, the Chinese subsidiary of RATP Dev Transdev Asia in April 2009 operates the iconic Tramway of Hong Kong and its 164 double-decker trams through the Hong Kong Tramways Company.

The network launched in 1904 now carries about 200,000 passengers daily who are particularly attached to their tramway. 

RATP Dev Transdev Asia has developed an ambitious plan of network modernization and service improvement particularly in the field of customer relations, security, maintenance and staff training. 

Key figures

double-decker tramcars, 200,000 passengers a day

RATP Dev Transdev Asia is a 50/50 joint company created in 2009 to increase their development potential in Asia, particularly China, South Korea and India. The joint venture aims to become a leader in urban transportation in Asia.

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Shenyang tramway

According to the standard Chinese business model, on April 26th 2013 the Shenyang city authorities awarded the operations and maintenance contract for the new tramway network to an operations company of which is 51% owned by the city and 49% by the RATP Dev / Transdev joint venture for 3 years.

At almost 70 km in length and boasting 65 stations, the tramway network should make travel considerably easier for the 7.2 million inhabitants of Shenyang.

Key figures

and 65 stations, 150000 passengers per day.

Line 1 connects the Exhibition Center station to the Olympic Center station across 18.7 km. Line 2 stretches across 15 km between the Olympic Center and Taoxian Airport stations and line 5 connects the Olympic Center station to Shenfu City across 21.1 km.The 15.1 km long line 3 is scheduled to enter service soon. In time the four new lines should carry over 150,000 passengers per day. The tramway network is also scheduled to expand with a 6th line under construction and a 4th currently which still under review.

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