Hong Kong Tramway


Hong Kong tramway

In Hong Kong, since April 2009, the Chinese subsidiary of RATP Dev Transdev Asia in April 2009 operates the iconic Tramway of Hong Kong and its 164 double-decker trams through the Hong Kong Tramways Company.

The network launched in 1904 now carries about 200,000 passengers daily who are particularly attached to their tramway. 

To meet passengers' ever-increasing mobility requirements, real-time traffic information was launched online. Signage was also overhauled with a new logo. Additionally, an app was created to help users learn more about the traditional neighbourhoods that lie along the tram line.

Key figures

double-decker tramcars, 200,000 passengers a day

The TramOramic Tour is a member of RATP Dev's sightseeing alliance, Extrapolitan. Since 2016, it has helped tourists discover the city aboard an elegant vintage 1920s-style carriage.
Extrapolitan is a global alliance of open-top sightseeing tours present in the world’s most popular and attractive cities like Paris, London and New York.

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