Innovation in all fields

Vivatech 2023

Meet us from 14 to 17 May 2023 in our Lab and discover 33 start-ups, there to pitch solutions that reflect the Group’s major challenges.

In a rapidly changing environment (urbanisation and increasing mobility needs, energy transition, new forms of technology that are changing uses and expectations, a new competitive landscape, etc.), our ambition is to be the leader in sustainable and connected mobility and therefore become the privileged partner of smart and sustainable cities.

This ambition is supported by concrete actions that allow working in a coherent and robust way towards a smart city, i.e. a city designed for humans: fluid, connected, sustainable and inclusive at the same time.


For over 20 years, innovation has been RATP Group’s strongest lever for development and improved passenger experience. Through innovation, the Group has been able to give as many passengers as possible the most reliable journeys, offer efficient mobility and urban planning services, assist cities in decarbonising and adapting to climate change, while fully achieving the Group’s driving purpose: Dedicate every day to better city living. 

The Group continuously seeks ways to increase the efficiency of its services and enrich passengers’ mobility experience; industrial innovations that improve its employees’ working conditions are part of the equation.


RATP Group will take part in the 7th installation of the Viva Technology trade show from 14 to 17 June 2023. Viva Technology is the reference in innovation, where international players come to showcase their ideas. Over the four days, visitors to our booth (hall 1, booth J16) will discover the innovations that play a part in improving our passengers’ and employees’ everyday life, through product demonstrations and accounts from our experts. Representatives from approximately 20 start-ups will also attend the show to present innovative solutions designed to meet the Group's main challenges.

Innovations that benefit passengers and employees

Over 200 innovation projects with 180 partners are under way to make passengers’ daily lives easier, and to continue imagining the cities of the future.

At Viva Technology, visitors and experts will be able to discover innovations that focus on improving passengers’ and employees’ everyday lives, including:

  • Stopbus

To improve transport accessibility, Stopbus is a solution that aims to make buses more accessible, notably for visually impaired passengers, by making it easier to request a stop when they are on board a bus. The system enables passengers to use their accessibility remote or smart phone to request a stop thanks to electronic devices installed on board buses to detect the remote’s signal and trigger the stop request. RATP Group and Île-de-France Mobilités are currently trialling this system on bus routes 92, 128 and 188 (over 50 buses have been fitted) for a 6-month period.

  • Gravipack 

As part of their duties, approximately 300 operators are required to walk down train tracks to monitor infrastructures and prevent risks. While they do so, they walk long distances carrying heavy equipment on their backs. We have trialled exoskeleton bags that transfer the weight of their loads in such a way that they feel 92% lighter to our operators. In light of these impressive results, RATP Group has planned to provide all track teams with such equipment. 


  • DetectIA

DetectIA is a system that detects passengers remaining on board shuttles at the terminuses of the Group's automated lines. Currently being trialled on metro line 14, DetectIA relies on artificial intelligence, notably Computer Vision. The configured algorithms make it possible to analyse in real time footage from cameras built into rolling stock. DetectIA is positioned as a decision-making tool for operational staff, thus reducing disruptions to operations and lowering the risk of malicious acts.


To make the most out of your VivaTech by RATP Group experience, join us every day from 14 to 17 June 2023 on our social media accounts (Twitter, Linkedin and  Instagram). Among the featured programmes: 
- 1-minute presentations of our innovations;
- Live highlights (demonstrations, round table talks, and more) from the RATP booth;
- A series of our employees’ portraits presenting RATP Group’s innovative professions;
- And for the first time this year, a daily newsletter summarising the high points of each day, posted on LinkedIn.


RATP Group and startups

Innovation is part of what defines RATP Group, which has a time-honoured tradition of innovation, notably participatory innovation in various industries. The Group also operates in an open ecosystem in which start-ups play a key role. The ecosystem is also a channel that allows the Group to increase the attractiveness of its professions through the use of innovative tools (exoskeletons, robots, 3D glasses, etc.).