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Due to planned industrial action, there are severe traffic delays on all RATP networks. Consult this page for regular traffic status updates, including information about all the special offers with our partners who provide additional solutions in terms of mobility.


Traffic forecast and status

The traffic forecast for the RATP network will be available at this website and at

For traffic information regarding SNCF and Transilien, go to

Forecasts of the lines in circulation (metro / RER and TRAM) for the day of Sunday, December 8th:

Complementary mobility solutions


Complementary mobility solutions

In order to assist you in the best way possible during this period, RATP is making special offers from its partners available to its passengers.


Carpooling made available by Île-de-France Mobilités: go to or

Klaxit: home-to-work carpooling


Offer: Passenger, benefit with all of your journeys free in Île-de-France
Drivers, earn €4 minimum guaranteed for each passenger, including short journeys.

Klaxit is the home-to-work carpooling app.  During the industrial action, arrive to work on time and without any stress by carpooling with Klaxit!

To take advantage of this offer, go to the Klaxit website

Offer valid during the duration of the industrial action until the budget runs out, with a 4-month limit starting on 5 December 2019.



BlaBlaLines : home-to-work carpooling



Getaround: carsharing between private individuals


Offer: Getaround makes available a generic code worth €20 for new users

Getaround proposes access to a free-floating vehicle within walking distance to people living in the Paris region.

To take advantage of this offer, create an account on the Getaround platform and enter the code RATPGETAROUND.

Offer available to the first 1,000 passengers for the duration of the industrial action.

*The account will be verified (verification of the driving licence, etc.) in order to be able to reserve a vehicle on your telephone, locate it and unlock it directly from the Getaround app.


Communauto: closed-loop carsharing

Ubeeqo: closed-loope carsharing




visuel Kapten

Offer: Kapten offers new users* 2 rides at -50% and -20% for users reserving rides in advance**. Reserving in advance protects you from price hikes.

To benefit from the new user offer, go to the Kapten app and enter the code RATPKAPTEN. To benefit from the -20% offer, enter the code RATPRESA when reserving a ride.

To benefit from the offer, go to the Kapten app and enter the code RATPKAPTEN.

* Offer, which is not combinable, valid for four months after entering the code into the application, up to €10€ per ride. Code must be entered before 31/07/2020. Only available in France and for personal journeys.
**Offer, which is not combinable, available only for personal journeys reserved in advance, for the first 10,000 reservations from 5 December 2019 to 20 December 2019, up to €10. Journeys must be reserved at least 30 minutes in advance.





Taxi and moto taxi

Felix: Motorcycle taxis


Offer: When using Felix, get -20% discount for each of your journeys

Felix gives you the possibility to travel behind on an electric scooter…moving quickly in order to avoid traffic jams.

To take advantage of this offer, enter the code RATPFELIX at the time of your reservation. More information

Offer available for the duration of the industrial action.

Tako: Taxi


Free-floating cars

Free2Move: free-floating electric cars


Offer: Free2Move offers you 1 hour rental for any new registration

To take advantage of this offer, download the Free2Move Paris App from AppStore or via Google Play and register by entering the code RATPF2M .

Offer valid from 5 December 2019 to 1 March 2020.

Sharenow: free-floating electric cars


Free-floating bikes

Vélib ': self-service bicycles


Offer:  Vélib Métropole offers all new users their first month of subscription *

Vélib 'Métropole is more than 16,500 self-service electric and mechanical bikes, spread over nearly 1,400 dock stations in Paris and its Metropolitan area.
With V-Plus, for just €3.10 per month, benefit from an unlimited number of trips via Vélib' bikes (maximum trips of 30 minutes for electric bikes, 1 hour non-electric).
For €8.30, Vélib', unlimited electric bikes trips are available to you (30 minutes for electric bikes and 1 hour for non-electric).
Until 15 December 2019, the first month is free!
Also come and discover V-Libre: a noncommittal offer, you only pay when you use it.

To take advantage of this offer, visit the Vélib Métropole page to subscribe

Offer valid from 21 November 2019 to 15 December 2019.

* Offer valid for all new subscriptions (excluding automatic re-subscriptions) and for any request for upgrading to a higher offer (upgrade) between 21 November and 15 December 2019 (non-package duration rides not included).



Jump: free-floating bikes

Zoov: free-floating bikes


Free-floating electric scooters

Cityscoot: free-floating electric scooters


Offer: For all registrations, Cityscoot offers 45 minutes, for free

Cityscoot is simple, fast and where there is no commitment needed! Book a scooter in just 3 clicks from the app, then enjoy the freedom of scootering with no limits, without polluting and without noise.
Thousands of self-service electric scooters are available in Paris and in a dozen towns in the inner suburbs.

To take advantage of this offer, download the Cityscoot application and register by using the RATPCITYSCOOT which will give you 45 free minutes.

Offer valid from 28 November 2019 to 31 January 2020.


Free-floating kick scooters

Lime: free-floating kick scooters


Offer: Lime offers you €1 discount on your trips on 5 December * then a -10% discount on your journeys during the rest of the industrial action **

Lime has a fleet of 11,500 scooters in Paris and 400 scooters at La Défense, offering a wide range of services.

Offer: On the first day of the social movement, December 5, 2019, enter the code LIMERATP to benefit from a free unlock *. During the following social movement days, enter the code LIMERATP2 to receive a 10% discount on each trip made **

* Offer valid only on 5 December, 25,000 codes available
** Offer valid for each journey upon registration of the promotional code, until 5 February 2020

Dott: free-floating kick scooter

Voi: free-floating kick scooter

Circ: free-floating kick scooter


Car parks

Zenpark: car parks


Offer: Zenpark offers you a -15% discount in all Zenpark car parks within the Île-de-France region *

Zenpark offers hundreds of parking spaces available in hourly or long-term parking for convenient, fast and stress-free parking.

To take advantage of this offer, visit the Zenpark page and use (maximum 3 times) the code RATPZENPARK.

Offer valid from 05 December 2019 to 05 April 2020.
* Valid for all parking, for a maximum of 5 days



Onepark: parking

Ector: parking



complementary services


Coworking / Reservation platform

Wojo: coworking


Offer: Wojo offers you the first month for the use of the coworking WOJO Spot network, followed by a fee of €1.90 (taxes included) for 3 months.

Wojo Spots are workspaces most of which are set up in Accor group hotels. They guarantee a secure wifi connection, calm, comfort, snacks and drinks and a warm and personalised welcome, all in a nice surrounding.

To take advantage of this offer, go to the website WOJO and enter the code RATPWOJO.

Offer available from 05 December 2019 to 05 March 2020

Subject to onsite consumption



Neo Nomade: coworking


Baggage transport / storage

Nanny Bag: bags and luggage deposit


Offer: Nannybag offers -20% immediate discount in one of their 170 partner locations, making your visit to the capital easier

Nannybag is the world's first baggage handling network. Started in Paris 3 years ago, we now have more than 170 partner stores and hotels that can look after your luggage, at any time of day or night!

To take advantage of this offer, enter the code RATPNANNYBAG nannybag.  Visit our website to discover the Nannies all around!
Offer available from 05 December 2019 to 31 December 2019

Eelway: storage and baggage and bags carrying


Transport of packages between individuals

Cocolis: A parcel delivery service between individuals


Offer: Cocolis offers you -50% discount on service fees.

In December, help is the only way! With Cocolis, why not carpool your parcels during your travels!
Benefit from the support of the Cocolis community to transport your goods (Christmas shopping, furniture ...) at a reduced rate.

To take advantage of this offer, enter the code RATPCOCOLIS on cocolis website

Offer valid from 1 December 2019 to 31 December 2019


rep vélos

Bike repair/bike assistance

Cyclofix: bike repair


Offer: Cyclofix offers you a €16 discount on your next maintenance check and/or repair.

Cyclofix comes to your house or office to fix your bike or electric scooter. Thanks to Cyclofix, you can travel safely on your micro-mobility devices.

To take advantage of the offer, sign up at cyclofix website to receive your €16 in credit automatically applied to your first repair with Cyclofix. All you have to do is book your repair when needed, and a repair person will come to where you are located to fix your vehicle.

Offer valid for 1 year starting on the registration date on the dedicated page. The customer account will be credited with €16 exclusively on the days of the industrial action. Every customer will be able to fully benefit from the offer.

*see cities where offer is available 

R’pur: bike assistance

Geovelo: navigation tool



Other solutions

transports touristiques

Transport for tourists

Open Tour

allows you to travel around Paris with frequent bus stops.

>> more informations on

Route similar to that of metro line ligne 1  :


9 stops available with a special fee for those in possession of a Navigo card, exclusively at ticket sales desks.

>> More informations on


Vedettes de Paris

For further information on additional tourist operators, go to website

Main links to the airports

  • logo orlyval The automated shuttle to travel between the terminals and to connect to RER line B. ORLYVAL links Orly 1-2-3, Orly 4 & RER Antony station

Rapid transit bus routes and exclusive lane public transport lines: :

  • ligne symbole ligne 393 Connects the Carrefour de la Résistance (Thiais) to Sucy-Bonneuil station
  • ligne Tvm Tvm line Trans-Val-de-Marne: connects the Antony RER station - La Croix de Berny to the Saint-Maur RER station - Créteil

>> Additional information available at


Keep in mind WORK AND STATION workspaces, at SNCF stations in Île-de-France