Relationship with consumer associations

Relationship with consumer associations

RATP maintains relations with accredited consumer associations as part of a consultation agreement set up in 1987. The protocol formalises…


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From 2024 onwards, we intend to recruit over 5,300 new hires in the Île-de-France region, including 3,700 permanent contracts, 1,000 work-…

Our passengers are the focus of our full attention

Our passengers are the focus of our full attention

Day in and day out, our teams focus all of their attention on satisfying our passengers and meeting their needs. We invest in systems and…

Ensuring the protection of our travelers

Ensuring the protection of our passengers

In 1995, RATP set up a dedicated security command post comprised of two identical rooms, one operated by RATP and the other by the Rail…

Prevention on our RATP network

Prevention on our RATP network

RATP’s security and prevention policies help strengthen the overall control of the area in constant association with government services:…

Security within the RATP network

Safety within the RATP network

As one of the only public transport service providers in the world to benefit from such a strong internalisation of security forces within…

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Fraud and security on public transport: what has changed

Ensuring security on the RATP network, which handles more than 12 million passengers daily, is a constantly evolving, day-to-day challenge.

The RATP mediator

The RATP mediator

The Mediator intervenes at the passenger’s request to resolve, amicably and free of charge, a dispute that she or he may have with RATP…


Teaching mobility

We strive to ensure that our networks are accessible to all, and we are committed to creating a more humane city.