Discover the album “Les Liseuses”

“Les Liseuses” (“The Readers”) is a music album that is comprised of twelve short readings set to music, featuring Samir Bouadi, Olivia de Lamberterie, Bernard Lehut, Molécule, Tobie Nathan, Pascale Robert-Diard, Augustin Trapenard, Lola Nicolle, etc. Each text corresponds to an original sound universe, such as electro, dub, jazz or country.

Distributed by LOAD/Sony Music Entertainment France, the album will be available for streaming on all digital platforms (Deezer, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, etc.) from 28 March 2019.

The project originated with a series of photos of female readers on the metro, which resulted in an exhibition. These images are striking for the contrast between the readers’ deep contemplation and the agitation that surrounds them. The photos restore the silence but absorb the sounds. So the aim was not to recreate the noise of the metro, but rather to create a sound composition that would become the soundtrack for these readings.

On 28 March 2019, the Volume Sonore label, created by a duo of exiles from the world of music, Ali Mesbahi, and from the world of publishing, Audrey Siourd, is launching the first work in a series intended to offer the public a new way to hear literature. Volume Sonore imagines meetings between authors, readers and musicians with the aim of dealing with texts in a different way, through voice and music, offering new forms of listening that are daring and surprising.

Listen to an extract from We Were the Mulvaneys, the novel by the great American author Joyce Carol Oates, read by Augustin Trapenard. This reading is from the music album “Les Liseuses”. 


Les Liseuses s’installent au théâtre La Flèche. La première représentation aura lieu le jeudi 19/09 à 20h.

Les autres dates :

  • jeudi 24 octobre 20H00
  • jeudi 21 novembre 20H00
  • jeudi 19 décembre 20H00
  • jeudi 16 janvier 20H00

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