Take part in the RATP Grand Prix Poésie 2023!

Are you a poet at heart or a wordsmith? Then now is your time to shine! Take part in our major poetry-writing contest from 15 March to 18 April 2023. This year, French singer-songwriter and pianist Jeanne Cherhal will preside over the panel that decides on the winners.

The RATP Grand Prix Poésie (RATP grand poetry competition) is back! The event, which gathers poetry enthusiasts every year, will be held from 15 March to 18 April 2023. Take part in the competition now by visiting the special website, and who knows? You may become one of the 10 winners who will stand a chance to see their poems appearing in the Paris metro this summer, throughout the months of July and August.

French singer-songwriter and pianist Jeanne Cherhal will chair the panel for the 9th installation of the competition. 


Interview de Jeanne Cherhal, présidente du Grand Prix Poésie RATP 2023

How to take part

Visit the dedicated RATP Grand Prix Poésie website to submit your poem under one of the available categories:
•    Children, for contestants below the age of 12;
•    Young adults, for contestants below the age of 18;
•    Adults, for contestants above the age of 18.

There are no strict themes – we accept lyrical, serious, funny or silly poetry, in verse or in prose. Give your imagination free rein! Your poem can either be short (minimum 4 lines) or long (maximum 14 lines).

The top 100 finalists will see their poems published in an anthology printed in partnership with Gallimard.

Over 12,000 poems were submitted last year! Wait no more, Jeanne Cherhal, chairwoman of the panel, is looking forward to reading your poems!


A vos plumes !

L'influenceur Monsieur Pof a pris la plume de son côté et coconstruit un poème avec sa communauté ! A découvrir en cliquant ici.

Poetry writing workshops with Labo des histoires

From 18 March to 14 April 2023, Labo des histoires joins forces with Grand Prix Poésie RATP and Pilot to offer poetry writing workshops to over 300 children and teenagers between 8 and 18 across France. An RATP initiative, this scheme will give budding poets an equal chance to become one of the 100 finalists who may even walk away with the top prize in the “Children” or “Young adults” category!

Did you know? Labo des histoires is a national public-interest association aiming to encourage young people to write, and to foster cultural and social integration through writing. Every year, it conducts over 2,000 writing workshops for youth between the ages of 6 and 25 across mainland France and overseas territories.

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