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Klaxit, the home-to-work carpooling app

Carpool for free with your Navigo pass!

What is Klaxit?
With Klaxit, you can carpool on your commute between work and home. In just a few minutes, find trusted people to share journeys and organise your first carpool.

How does it work?
Download the app to your smartphone and start finding the perfect carpool companions. Enter your personalised itinerary to find people on your route with a minimum number of detours!

How much does it cost?
Split your costs evenly: Klaxit automatically calculates your travel expenses, so you’ll each know how much everyone owes at any given time!
Klaxit brings carpooling to everyone with a Navigo pass! Read more

Who can sign up?
If you’re a driver, save €100 per month per passenger carried from your driving costs!
If you’re a passenger, leave your car at home and be driven to work for a change!

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