IT and telecoms engineering
Our careers in information technology and telecoms engineering
The Group’s engineering department masterfully controls the full range of interfaces, including design, maintenance, and operations. With its fully integrated approach to engineering, RATP proposes a comprehensive offer, from contracting authority (MOA) to prime contractor (MOE).

Engineering at the RATP

RATP puts its engineering expertise to work on behalf of major projects in France and for international subsidiaries: modernisation and extension of public transport infrastructure, equipment, transport systems, and spaces for RER, metro, tramway and bus networks.

RATP Engineering recruits in 4 broad categories:

  • Transport systems engineering: you manage projects from contracting authority to prime contractor (equipment design and transport automation: metros, buses, tramways, train traction, etc.).
  • Information technology and telecoms engineering: you build and operate our proprietary telecom networks.
  • Construction and civil engineering: you conduct extension and modernisation projects for urban transport networks in France and abroad, as well as projects to develop urban eco-mobility in passenger areas.
  • Maintenance engineering: you organise and manage maintenance activities and interventions for one or more departments with the aim of enhancing the reliability of production tools and transport methods in compliance with safety, health, and environmental standards, while respecting productivity and quality requirements.

By joining our company, you are choosing to build your professional career within a Group that ranks among the world leaders in public transport. More than a profession, we offer you the opportunity to rapidly assume responsibilities and/or to develop your management skills.

Cette perspective vous motive ?

Venez partager nos six grands défis :

  • Inventer avec nous la mobilité de demain
  • Rationnaliser nos SI pour améliorer sans cesse notre performance économique
  • Imaginer des applications respectueuses de l’environnement en améliorant la performance énergétique de notre parc informatique et en favorisant les technologies vertes (Green IT
  • Participer à la mise en œuvre de systèmes d’informations voyageurs innovants : Flashcode, BlueEyes (un système de guidage par Bluetooth dédié aux personnes souffrant de déviances visuelles) ou encore nos 3 000 écrans IMAGE destinés aux informations trafic
  • Développer l’usage de la donnée au services des métiers et voyageurs : maintenance prédictive, régulation du trafic…
  • Expérimenter des technologies prometteuses via les cartes bancaires ou la téléphonie mobile

Vous interviendrez sur différents projets de grande envergure et de manière transverse afin de porter les ambitions du groupe.

Spotlight on the information technology and telecoms engineering

From the building of information systems to their operation, you work on projects that are at the cutting edge of technology.

Our IT and telecoms engineers develop innovative applications and optimise the functioning of our information systems. If you are passionate about information systems and telecoms, then we have a number of applications that will interest you!

By joining our team, you can work on numerous applications:

  • Our internal information systems: procurement, accounting, management, human resources;
  • Our passenger information systems: sales, client management, real-time traffic and scheduling information, passenger safety;
  • Our specific information systems: on-board services in trains, traffic regulation applications, maintenance management applications.

Come help us meet our five big challenges: 

  • Inventing the mobility of tomorrow;
  • Streamlining our information systems, to constantly improve our economic performance;
  • Designing environmentally-friendly apps, by improving the energy efficiency of our IT facilities and by promoting green technology (Green IT);
  • Participating in the implementation of innovative passenger information systems: Flashcode, BlueEyes (a Bluetooth-based navigation tool for the visually impaired), and our 3,000 IMAGE traffic information displays;
  • Testing promising technology that uses bank cards and mobile phones.

One of our particularities is that we build and operate our own proprietary telecoms networks.

La RATP a été élue parmi les employeurs les plus attractifs en 2021

Our latest offers

At RATP, all of our businesses help transport 14 million passengers every day. Service, reliability, excellence and innovation are at the heart of our missions. We offer you field jobs, and more than 4000 opportunities to always better meet the expectations of our customers.