RER A Summer work

What is the construction work for?

The tracks of the RER A, which has been operating for more than 40 years, incur heavy use, since they now carry more than 300 million passengers a year (a 20% increase in passenger traffic over the past ten years). Given their age, the track sleepers and ballast (the bed of rocks supporting the track) require maintenance at increasingly frequent intervals.

A complex construction project

According to technical studies conducted by RATP in 2009, the only lasting solution that will enable RATP to meet current and future operating requirements for the new, high capacity trains offering greater passenger comfort is to completely replace the track and the ballast.
This complex construction project will require traffic to be completely halted on certain sections of the line each summer until 2021. Track replacement work will cost about 100 million euros, and project support measures another 32 million euros, bringing the total budget of the renovation project to an estimated 132 million euros between 2015 and 2021.

For more information on train replacement

Under the guidance of STIF, the Paris-Ile-de-France public transport authority, a master plan (SDLA) for improving the supply and quality of RER A services was conjointly elaborated, based on studies conducted by RFF, SNCF and RATP, which also compiled the plan. Approved in 2012, the plan notably calls for the arrival of new double-decker trains to meet targets for boosting transport capacity.

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