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Let’s work together against harassment in public transport

RATP, SNCF, the Île-de-France region and Île-de-France Mobilités are once again working together to combat harassment on public transport. The idea is to remind passengers – victims or witnesses – of the right response and to make them aware of the five means of alert available and how to use them.

We want everyone to have the safest and most serene journey possible. Have you experienced a sexist or sexual assault? You can report it to us using the dedicated form based on where it occurred:

?​ Assault on a bus or tram

?​ Assault on the metro or RER

Your testimony will help us better understand and address what is happening in our spaces and guide our security measures.

Safe places labeled 'Safe Place UMAY'

With the support of Île-de-France Mobilités, RATP is offering safe places labeled 'Safe Place UMAY'. These places will allow victims of sexual harassment in public transportation to be welcomed and protected in certain shops on the Île-de-France Mobilités network.

The first three businesses labeled 'Safe Place UMAY' will be located within the Auber station starting from December 2023, in shops managed by partner brands Avril, as well as RELAY/Fnac and Monop', two shops operated by Lagardère Travel Retail France, which has also committed to eventually labeling each of its new stores as 'Safe Place UMAY'. This initiative is conducted in partnership with the free mobile application UMAY, launched in 2019, which ensures safety during movements in public spaces.

The long-term ambition of RATP and Île-de-France Mobilités is to create a substantial network of businesses of all sizes, forming a caring and aware ecosystem, complementary to the measures already implemented by the company.

For the second year running, RATP, SNCF, the Île-de-France region and Île-de-France Mobilités want to remind harassment victims and witnesses of the solutions that exist to raise the alarm. With the message “Against harassment on public transport, spread the word!”, this campaign aims to raise awareness of tools for reporting harassment such as the alert numbers (3117 and SMS 31177, the 3117 app) and the call stations. Furthermore, it encourages passengers to approach staff members present on public transport. All our passenger-facing staff are standing by to alert and support passengers who have been victims of harassment. Around a hundred of our network security teams are deployed each day and work in close collaboration with the transport police. This human presence is reinforced by more than 50,000 CCTV cameras installed in stations, platforms, walkways and on the rolling stock. Images from these cameras can be used when a complaint is made to the police.

Did you know?

3117 by phone, 31177 by SMS and the 3117 app. These services help to locate victims more quickly and trigger a response from staff, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. While they are being used more and more since their launch, the aim is to make these numbers known to as many people as possible.

montage des 4 affiches de la campagne contre le harcèlement dans les transports

Visible since 2023, this campaign will be displayed through advertising (in stations and stations in the Île-de-France region), in the press, on digital platforms, and adapted on social networks, with a mechanism explaining that if there is one useful number to remember, it is 3117!

All our agents in contact with travelers are directly available to alert and assist victims of aggression. The network's protection and security group, consisting of about a hundred teams deployed every day, works closely with the Île-de-France Police Prefecture's Network Brigade.

In addition to this human presence, there are over 50,000 cameras installed in stations and stations, on platforms, in corridors, and on rolling stock. The footage from these cameras can be used when a complaint is filed with the Police Prefecture.

affiche de la campagne contre le harcèlement dans les transports, indiquant : "Pour arrêter un agresseur, il faut du courage, mais surtout un téléphone. 3117"

Did you know ?

3117 by phone, 31177 by SMS, and the 3117 application... These services help to locate the victim more quickly and trigger intervention by agents, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While they are increasingly used since their launch, the challenge is to make these alert numbers widely known.

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