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Île-de-France (IDF) point-to-point tickets

The ideal ticket for a single trip in the Île-de-France region

Do you want to travel between two stations in the Île-de-France region using the RER, metro or SNCF networks? The Île-de-France point-to-point ticket is made for you! IDF tickets starting or ending in Paris also allow you to transfer between the metro and RER networks within Paris.

  • Metro
  • Rer
  • Sncf
Number of journeys : 1
Ideal for : Paris and the Île-de-France region who use public transport only occasionally


The price of the ticket depends on where the journey starts (departure station) and ends (arrival station). The cost of such tickets does not depend on zones, which are reserved for packages.

Where can I buy IDF or point-to-point tickets?

Île-de-France (IDF) tickets, also called point-to-point tickets, can be purchased at our ticket desks and automatic vending machines, located in all our metro and RER stations.

Who is eligible for reduced fare tickets?

The following categories of passengers are eligible for a 50% reduction on IDF point-to-point tickets, sold as single tickets or in packs of 10:

  • Children, aged 4 to under 10;
  • Solidarité Transport discount card holders;
  • “Large family” (Famille nombreuse) blue discount cardholders, issued by SNCF;
  • Blind civilians with a “social assistance for the blind and severely disabled” disability card certified “blind”, together with a travel coupon for the guide;
  • Disabled veterans with a priority card issued by the prefecture of police or a disability card issued by the National Office for Veterans and War Victims, with a single or double blue or red bar, presented alone;
  • Groups of at least 10 young people under 16 and an accompanying adult* or high school students, terminale class included, who travel in groups of 10 and are accompanied by a teacher *. This discount is not valid on buses and trams. The accompanying adult must fill in a declaration of honor;
  • Groups of at least 8 children and their accompanying adult traveling on school outings or extracurricular trips organized by primary schools or recreation centers hosted by these institutions. The accompanying adult must fill in a declaration of honor.

* The teacher or accompanying adult also benefits from the reduced fare. For groups of over 10 youths, there can be an additional accompanying adult for every 10 or fewer youths. Note: group reductions are not valid on the bus or tram networks.

Frequently asked questions

What do I do if my ticket doesn’t work?

In the metro and RER, go to a ticket or information desk and ask the agent to test your ticket. If it is not working properly, it will be replaced at no cost....
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What do I do if my t+ ticket is lost or stolen?

Lost or stolen t+ tickets cannot be replaced or refunded. ...
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