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Pass Navigo Easy

Do you want to take trips on the metro, bus or tram? Do you want to be able to top up these tickets on a rechargeable pass? The Navigo Easy pass is what you need!

  • Busratp
  • Metro
  • Rer
  • Tram
Ideal for : Tourists and occasional travelers

How does it works ?

The Navigo Easy pass allows you to top up these tickets:


  •  t + (single trip, full price set of 10, or reduced-price set of 10)
  • OrlyBus and RoissyBus
  • Navigo Day Package
  • Navigo Youth Weekend
  • Antipollution package (available during pollution peaks)

Your Navigo Easy pass is valid for 10 years.

How much does it cost ?

The Navigo Easy pass is sold for €2 and offers lower rates on t + tickets.
The price of tickets topped up on the Navigo Easy pass is the same as indicated here:

General Conditions of Use

To consult the General Conditions of Use, click here

How to buy a Navigo Easy pass?

You can buy your Navigo Easy pass:

Where can I top up my Navigo Easy pass?

You can load your Navigo Easy pass:

How can I check my Navigo Easy pass balance?

Your Navigo Easy pass balance can be checked by:


  • Using the Île-de-France Mobilités or Bonjour RATP applications;
  • Checking bus or tram validation terminals when validating the pass;
  • Checking metro or RER validation terminals when validating the pass;
  • Using ticket machines when the pass is placed against the reader;
  • Asking a staff member to print you a receipt showing your balance.

What are the specific rules?

Co-existence of various ticket categories:
Not all combinations of tickets are possible. For example, the Navigo Easy pass cannot contain full price t + and reduced-price t + at the same time.

Visuel cohabitation des titres

Validation of a title:
At the time of validation, the readers follow this priority:

  • First, the weekly or monthly package (when it is valid);
  • Then, the ticket for a single trip (t +/OrlyBus/RoissyBus, automatically detected depending on the mode of transport you use)

Note: Your OrlyBus ticket will only be counted if you validate it in an OrlyBus. The same goes for RoissyBus.

Traveling as a group:
A single Navigo Easy pass cannot be used for several passengers. Every traveler must have their own ticket.