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Top-up tickets
Travel beyond the zones of your travel pass!
You want to go somewhere outside the zones on your travel pass? The top-up ticket is just what you need.
    Réseaux :
  • bus
  • metro
  • rer
  • transilien
  • tram
Nombre de trajets : 1
Idéal pour : holders of Navigo weekly, monthly or annual travel passes and Navigo Solidarité (weekly or monthly), Imagine R and Améthyste travel passes with a limited number of zones

01. How does it work ?

You will need a top-up ticket if you have a 2-zone Navigo (weekly, monthly or annual) , Navigo Solidarité (weekly or monthly) or Améthyste travel pass and you want to travel outside of the zones of validity.

On rail travel (RER RATP and SNCF Transilien) outside the zone limits indicated on your travel pass, the top-up ticket allows you to pay only the extra distance travelled. When purchased, the top-up ticket is loaded directly on your Navigo card. The top-up ticket must be loaded before you cross the first ticket gates.

02. Where can I purchase a top-up ticket?

Top-up tickets, both full and reduced fare (50% reduction for Solidarité Transport cardholders), are sold at ticket desks and automatic vending machines in metro, RATP and SNCF Transilien stations, but they must be purchased in the station that is the point of departure.

Note: top-up tickets are not sold on board buses or at authorised RATP retailers.

03. What you need to know

Top-up tickets are for immediate travel: they must be validated within 3 hours of purchase. After validation, top-up tickets are valid for the next three hours and are given absolute priority over any other tickets loaded on your Navigo card.

You can only purchase 1 top-up ticket at a time (no round-trip tickets).

Top-up tickets are not valid on the bus or tramway networks, nor on the Noctilien night bus network.

04. Frequently asked questions

Can I transfer with my top-up ticket?

Can I purchase a top-up ticket the day before, or several days in advance?

Can I use my top-up ticket several times in the same day (i.e. for a return trip)?

Can I transfer with my top-up ticket?

Are top-up tickets valid on the above ground networks (bus and tramway)?