Network modernisation

Metro line 11: works during summer 2022

Several closures are planned this summer for upgrade work on metro line 11. The platform for trains in the direction of Châtelet at Porte des Lilas station will be closed from 25 June 2022.

As part of its extension to the east, metro line metro symbole metro ligne 11   will be subject to a major upgrade and structural work due to changes in the operations system, the arrival of new rolling stock with a change from 4 to 5 carriages and an anticipated increase in passenger numbers.

At Porte des Lilas station, there will be no service on the platform for trains in the direction of Châtelet from 25 June to 2 September inclusive. Please note that the platform for trains in the direction of Mairie des Lilas will remain open and Porte des Lilas will be served by trains in the direction of Mairie des Lilas. Connecting lines will operate normally.

ligne 11

The 10 weeks of works are to prepare for the arrival of the new MP14 rolling stock and to restructure the platforms at Porte des Lilas station (raising and reinforcing the platforms and installing new tiles).

In practical terms, to reach Porte des Lilas station from Mairie des Lilas:
  > towards Porte des Lilas
  > towards Porte des Lilas

To reach Télégraphe station from Porte des Lilas:
  > towards Levallois - L. Bobet “Pelleport - Belleville” stop.

You can also make these journeys on foot: signs have been installed to guide pedestrians to Porte des Lilas from Mairie des Lilas and to Télégraphe from Porte des Lilas.

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​​​​​​​They make line 11 - Portraits of Jean-Christophe, project manager for Rosny-Bois-Perrier station and Luan Trinh Do, in charge of RATP project management

State-of-the-art operations

The recent works have notably allowed the various operations departments for metro line 11 to be centred at a single site. The new generation Operational Control Centre (OCC) went live recently, bringing together the command and control of train movements, administrative and technical activities and social facilities. Just next to the OCC is the security command centre, where teams manage passenger safety and online information. The result is more efficient coordination, which will allow the commissioning of new equipment, more frequent trains and therefore an improved service to passengers. 

ligne 11

Metro line 11 is on the move