Innovation in all fields
Urbanopolis, the RATP group network of innovation labs
The purpose of Urbanopolis, the RATP group network of innovation labs, is to keep cities moving forward by sharing and promoting innovative ideas with those who inhabit them.

Innovation is a strategic priority for the RATP group. The creation of Urbanopolis addresses this challenge.
Federated by the Hub, this network of Labs at the core of the Group operations aims to capture the best ideas and speed up innovation. The objective is very simple: to test the viability of an innovation, come up with its business model and lay the foundations for its fast and optimal development.
In this endeavour, Urbanopolis is supported by innovation venues in France and Morocco.

Labs to speed up innovation

The Urbanopolis network is made up of 5 Labs:

  • The Hub 
    Developing and accelerating strategic initiatives – Paris-Maison de la RATP 
  • The Atelier
    Designing the systems and infrastructures that will support the city – Val de Fontenay (Paris greater area)
  • The Factory (coming soon)
    From idea to reality: making the digital idea concrete – Noisy le Grand (Paris greater area)
  • Casaroc
    Designing new passenger services – Casablanca, Morocco
  • Ker'Lab
    Sharing ideas, experience and experiments to invent mobility for sustainable cities - Brest

    An accelerator of innovation, this network will optimise our ways of working and open us up much more to the outside world - particularly in connection with start-ups - and will enable us to bring together all the Group's energies to promote our know-how better.

    Catherine Guillouard
    Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer of the RATP Group

    The role of the Urbanopolis network

    1. Inspire
      Events, conferences and workshops for clarification and inspiration, with the stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem: customers, public partners, industrial partners, start-ups, academics, etc. 
    2. Speed-up 
      A services offer to move faster on the road from the idea to its development with special emphasis on collaborations with our partners in a spirit of project co-development
    3. Promote
      A showroom to highlight the expertise of the Group, promote and test the latest innovations with our customers, partners and employees.
    4. Change
      A support to Group transformation to foster new ways of working, nurture management and create greater value for our customers and exosystems.
    RATP Group Innovation Startup