Innovation in all fields

Urbanopolis, the RATP group network of innovation labs

Founded in 2018, Urbanopolis is the network of innovation labs within the RATP group. Located in France and Morocco, these innovation labs support RATP teams in creatively developing new services for travelers, employees, and territories.

Driven by the Hub (the innovation lab located at Maison de la RATP), this network of labs at the core of the Group's activities accelerates projects, tests new ideas, and familiarizes employees with innovation.

Labs to speed up innovation

The Urbanopolis network consists of 4 labs:

  • The Hub (Paris-Maison de la RATP)
    To develop and accelerate strategic initiatives
  • L'Atelier (Val de Fontenay)
    To design the systems and infrastructures of tomorrow
  • Casaroc (Casablanca)
    To develop new traveler services in the Moroccan territory
  • Ker'Lab (Brest)
    To cross ideas and experiences in inventing sustainable city mobilities

    The ambition of the Urbanopolis labs network? To be a true partner in the transformation of the RATP group by supporting the development of innovative initiatives that align with the Group's strategic priorities and enhance the daily lives of travelers and employees.

    Gilles Tauzin
    Director of Innovation, RATP Group

    Activities of the Urbanopolis Network

    The Urbanopolis network relies on dedicated teams, innovation-friendly spaces, as well as a range of tools, services, and innovative methods to:

    • Co-create new services, products, or processes with RATP group's businesses, travelers, local partners, and organizing authorities
    • Prototype and conduct experiments to test solutions in real conditions
    • Familiarize employees with innovation, its methods, and concepts
    • Highlight experiments and innovations conducted within the Group

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