City walks

Discover Paris with these unusual tours!

Guided city walks to discover Paris in a different way

Discover Paris with these unusual tours: off the beaten track and sometimes just offbeat. Set off on the discovery of cosmopolitan neighbourhoods and their inhabitants: visit the Indian, Chinese, African and Jewish neighbourhoods... of Paris.

These themed city walks provide a different perspective on the city. The enthusiastic guides, sometimes residents themselves, show their favourite neighbourhood in an original way: through a walk based around street art, the history of Paris, cinema, architecture or the discovery of world cultures.

Visit the real Paris

Guided walks in Paris will take you behind the scenes, to discover the daily life of a neighbourhood’s traders and locals. Visits to places of worship, cultural facilities, shops, meeting places or even workplaces will immerse you in the daily life of the different “villages” that make up Greater Paris.
Little-known nuggets of information and hidden gems will be revealed to you…


Visuel le vrai Paris
©Le vrai Paris / Guillaume le Roux

Street art walk in Paris

The finest street art works in Paris have been unleashed thanks to walks guided by street artists, lovers of the neighbourhood or specialists in urban art.
Visit the essential streets and arrondissements in the capital for admiring street art: the 13th arrondissement, the 19th arrondissement, Belleville-Ménilmontant, the Marais or Vitry-sur-Seine, the canal de l’Ourcq and the canal Saint-Denis

Visuel balades graffiti
© Seine-Saint-Denis Tourisme

Paris, a global city, cosmopolitan tour of multicultural neighbourhoods

Today’s Paris is defined by the diversity of the faces and “villages” that make it up: the Chinese neighbourhood of the 13th arrondissement and Belleville, the Indian neighbourhood, the Goutte d’or, the Jewish neighbourhood. Several routes are offered, around a multicultural theme.
The programme includes: culinary workshops and pop-up kitchens in the markets, meetings with locals, artists and craftsmen, visits to temples and cultural sites.

Visuel quartier indian
© Seine-Saint-Denis Tourisme

Go on a walk with the “Passeurs de cultures” (“culture smugglers”). Through life stories, historic journeys and cultural exchanges, they will take you to meet the locals and talk about their city from a different angle, that of immigration past and present.

Film-themed walks in cinematic Paris

Greater Paris has always been a popular destination for filmmakers. Some places have achieved cult status thanks to cinema: Montmartre, Belleville, Ménilmontant and of course the Latin Quarter with Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris.
Film lovers who also love Paris will be your guides on this walk tracing the footsteps of your favourite movies, with visits to filming locations.

Visuel ballade cinéma
© Seine-Saint-Denis Tourisme

Tours to understand the city

Some tours reveal traces of a past that marked the quarters through a strong industrial footprint, through major historic events, or through remarkable architecture.
These walks with a specialist guide allow you to better understand Paris and its different neighbourhoods around a theme and to grasp the identity and very essence of the sites.
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