Gems to discover on every street corner!

Come and stroll, wander, walk or simply relax and share pleasant moments in Hauts-de-Seine, an active département offering numerous urban walks to discover the area’s hidden treasures.

A green haven in the south of Paris

The unspoiled departmental estate Vallée-aux-Loups, a certified ecological green space, features an arboretum, a wooded park with high forests and thickets interspersed with vast clearings, and the home of romantic writer Chateaubriand.

The Arboretum, a collection of natural wonders

© Willy Labre

The Arboretum presents collections of botanical rarities, divided into themed gardens over 13 hectares. A weeping Atlas cedar, which is the only one of its kind in the world and is classified as a “remarkable tree”, occupies an area of more than 680 m2, not to mention the national collection of Convolvulaceae, recognised by the French Conservatory of specialised plant collections. It is also possible to discover 66 bonsais. Listed in the inventory of picturesque sites, this enchanting place reveals the charm of its landscaped garden with its features (bridge, grotto, exotic pavilion) that characterised garden art in the 19th century

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Chateaubriand’s house and park, a shrine to Romanticism

Visuel de la maison Chateaubriand
© Willy Labre

The house of the writer François-René de Chateaubriand honours the memory of its illustrious owner and has the atmosphere of a romantic chartreuse cultivating a taste for hospitality. The house, with its authentic decor, furniture and collections, evokes memories of the writer and his work. The landscaped park and its remarkable species tell of the discoveries made by the great traveller that Chateaubriand was.

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Culture valley, an architectural laboratory

Paris La Défense, the Grande Arche and Paris La Defence Arena

Visuel Paris La Défense
© Olivier Ravoire

Europe’s leading business district, Paris La Défense presents an incredible panorama of the architecture of recent decades. From the CNIT, inaugurated in 1958, to the most recent constructions, dozens of vertiginous towers built around the esplanade form a skyline that is unique in France. In an extension of the historic Paris axis, visitors can discover the Grande Arche and access the rooftop, which offers an exceptional view over Paris. The recent Paris La Défense Arena, designed by Christian de Portzamparc, is both an avant-garde stage and a state-of-the-art sports venue, accommodating up to 40,000 spectators

Paris La Défense is a cultural territory, which is unparalleled in the world and has the largest collection of contemporary works of art representative of the major artistic movements of the 20th century.

200 stores in the shopping centre Les 4 temps and in the CNIT
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La Seine Musicale
Visuel Seine Musicale
© Jean Luc Dolmaire

Designed by architects Shigeru Ban (Pritzker Prize) and Jean de Gastines, La Seine Musicale is the new emblem of the Hauts-de-Seine Culture Valley. Its curves follow the shape of the Ile Seguin (Boulogne) downstream tip and play on the reflections of the water: the wooden shell of the auditorium seems to float on the river. A large sail lined with solar panels follows the sun’s movements. The Seine Musicale is thought of as a part of the city dedicated to all music types. The 1,150-seat auditorium, dedicated to unamplified music, has exceptional acoustics. The Grande Salle, for contemporary music, can welcome between 4,000 and 6,000 spectators.

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The 1930s walking tour in Boulogne

Visuel Parcours des années 30
© Olivier Ravoire

A walk through “the city of modern times” allows you to discover a unique set of creations by Le Corbusier, Mallet-Stevens, Perret, Tony Garnier, etc. Public buildings, blocks of flats, artists’ studios and individual houses testify to the new architectural language invented by these pioneers. The Museum of the 1930s offers a wonderful reminder of this successful period for art.

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La Cité – Jardin de Suresnes

Visuel jardin de suresnes

At the beginning of the 20th century, a widespread social housing policy was established in France with the arrival of the English concept of garden cities. These cities constitute true utopias: they were often built in green surroundings and addressed the hygiene concerns of the time. La Cité-Jardin de Suresnes, built between 1921 and 1939 is the largest in Europe.

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