Our kit to help you use public transport like a real Parisian

Don’t worry about getting lost! Our users’ guide will help you make the most of our public transport network. And don’t forget: our staff members are always on hand to help, to answer questions and provide directions. To find them, follow our “Information” signs.

To enter the RATP public transport network, nothing could be easier. Just follow the signs posted in the streets! Need information or directions once you are in a metro or RER station? Go to our information desk, or ask one of our staff members for assistance.

To purchase a ticket or travel pass, see one of our staff members at the ticket desk, or use one of our multi-lingual vending machines. Note: you must keep your ticket or transport pass with you until you exit the network.

To travel by night bus, first locate the Noctilien night bus network by looking for the special signs. Each line number begins with an N, indicating that it is part of the night bus network. Night buses have different numbers, colour codes and destinations.

To get to a specific metro or RER line, note its colour code and number (metro) or letter (RER) as well as its direction of travel, then follow the arrows posted in the stations.

To go through the ticket gates, enter the gate to the left of a green arrow, insert your ticket into the slot… and don’t forget to remove your ticket afterwards: you must keep your ticket with you until you exit the network.

To find your metro or RER platform, follow signs displaying its colour code and number (metro) or letter (RER) as well as its direction of travel. Once you are on the platform, displays will show the wait time for the next trains, as well as a reminder of the direction in which the train is going. For the RER, stations at which the train will stop are indicated on the displays by an indicator that is illuminated next to the name of the station. Once on board, you can get your bearings using the line maps.

To exit the RATP network, follow the “Sortie” (“Exit”) signs and go through the automatic or manual exit doors. If you exit from a metro station, you do not need to validate your ticket again. However, if you exit the RER network, you must validate your ticket again.

Download our users’ guide for passengers