Visits to companies and craft workshops in the Paris region

The Paris region has a high concentration of industrial activity and many craftsmen.

Each trade has its own know-how and talents. Discover them during guided tours to meet professionals, craftsmen and artists in their workplaces and studios.

Company tours: factories and production sites

Exceptional tours of production plants, sorting offices, thermal power stations and quarries, allowing discovery of different trades and sectors of activity that are little known to the general public.

Construction site tours

Visit major construction sites and especially the major railway construction projects under way in Greater Paris, as well as major architectural and urban planning projects.

See you at the heart of the construction sites of the new metro lines, to discover the projects and see the tunnel boring machine and technicians in action!

Visuel RATP Visits

Behind the scenes in the city

RATP tours reveal how a metro line works, how bus transport network management is carried out, and provide information on the skills and materials necessary for proper city transport operation.

Visit the international airports in Paris: you can discover the inner workings and secrets of the Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport security zone and the runways at Paris Orly airport.

visites adp
© Aéroports de Paris

Observe the set-up and feel the atmosphere of the Rungis market, learn more about managing floods, pollution or the mail at the Post Office, the meteorology office, or the archives. The Paris canal department will show you how its locks work and how canal traffic is regulated.

Craft workshop tours

French know-how includes many specialties: from gastronomy to restoration to crafts. There are many craftsmen in Paris: cabinetmakers, founders, sculptors, engravers.

Visits to French gastronomy professionals: producers, craft brewers, restaurateurs, coffee roasters lead you to meet food industry artisans.

Visuel artisans
© L.Houdard/ENS Louis-Lumière/2015

Farm visits, livestock farming and agriculture in Paris

Although highly urbanised, the Paris region still contains important agricultural activity.
New ways of consuming and producing are emerging, with urban agriculture. Tours of urban farms and greenhouses will introduce you to the possibilities and constraints of agriculture in the city. Also, don’t miss special meetings with artistic creation professionals in Paris. 

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