Our strategic priorities
Our ambition: assert ourselves as an integrated group and world leader in sustainable, connected urban mobility
The RATP Group ranks among the world’s top five providers of urban public transport services. Our ambition is to exemplify sustainable mobility and the intelligent city on behalf of passengers in our historic home base, the Paris and Île-de-France region, and on all the continents in which we do business. This determination is the guiding principle of our “Défis 2025” (Challenges 2025) strategic plan and our three strategic priorities: strive for exemplary passenger services, promote innovation in all our lines of business, and affirm our role as a key player in the sustainable city.

01. Good to know

Good to know

The RATP Group’s new strategic priorities, defined in late 2015 by RATP Group CEO and Chairwoman Elisabeth Borne, led to the elaboration of a new strategic plan for the company

entitled “Défis 2025”. Elaborated as part of an in-house participative process launched in 2016 (to date, employees throughout the Group have submitted 70,000 contributions and comments), “Défis 2025” was approved by the board of directors on 28 February 2017.

02. Exemplary passenger services

What people expect from public transport is evolving. Passengers want safe, reliable and comfortable transport services, but also flexible offers, personalised information that is put into context as they move about the network, and additional stores and services. To meet their expectations, we place the passenger’s needs at the heart of our concerns, doing everything we can to be the reference for quality service in public transport.

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03. Innovation in all our lines of business

Innovation is part of our Group’s DNA and provides key leverage for our development. Through innovation, we remain at the forefront of our sector, where we can lay claim to several world firsts. Today we encourage innovation methods that are rapid and agile, and practice an open approach to innovation to make the most of new digital technology and our numerous partnerships with start-ups.

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04. A key player in the sustainable city

Our experience in sustainable mobility makes our Group a key urban player. We explore innovative solutions to save energy and natural resources, and to fight climate change. We build close relations with all our stakeholders to strengthen our social, economic and environmental contribution to the city of tomorrow.

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05. 10 challenges for 2025

The “Défis 2025” plan is structured around 10 challenges to enable the Group to fulfil its ambitions. The 10 challenges are outlined below:

Assert ourselves as an international group with the highest global standards

By strengthening our position in the Île-de-France region and by pursuing our development outside of our historical home base, we enrich both our experience and expertise, and bolster our economic model. Attentive to changes in our working environment, we strive to develop a group culture focused on ongoing improvements in our performance.

Place the client/passenger experience at the heart of our actions

Rely on the company’s women and men, the motors of the Group’s performance and development

Propose modern, high-performance ground transport services

Mobilise our company behind the RER

Use the metro to leverage the Group’s development in the Île-de-France region and across the globe

Develop our engineering performance on behalf of domestic and international clients

Bolster the Group’s culture of security and safety

Strengthen our contribution to the challenges of a sustainable city

Accelerate the company’s digital transformation

A group that listens

To implement this strategy, we must be attentive and maintain an ongoing dialogue by:

  • •Listening to our passengers, who are regularly asked to imagine the services of tomorrow that will be ever better adapted to their needs
  • Listening to our employees, so as to develop an attentiveness to our employees’ concerns that mirrors our focus on passengers.
  • Listening to the transport organising authorities and local officials, our company’s daily partners.