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By using the free "Next Stop Paris" application, the purpose of which is to help tourists find their way around the RATP network (hereinafter "the Application"), you accept the present terms of use, and you agree to comply with the aforementioned.

The entire Next Stop Paris application is protected by French and International copyright legislation. All rights of reproduction are reserved, including documents which can be downloaded. None of the messages, graphics, icons, photographs, plans, logos, videos, sounds, trademarks and, in general, in accordance with Article L122-4 of the Intellectual Property Code, none of the elements comprising the RATP application may be displayed or reproduced, either in whole or in part, on any medium, without the express prior consent of the RATP.

Failure to comply with this restriction shall constitute an infringement of copyright which may invoke the civil and/or criminal responsibility of the perpetrator. The RATP reserves the right to institute legal proceedings against any person who fails to comply with this restriction.

Similarly, it is strictly forbidden to use or reproduce the Next Stop Paris name and/or its logo, solely or collectively, for any purpose whatsoever and on any medium whatsoever without the prior written consent of the RATP.

Responsibility of the RATP
The information supplied in the RATP application is provided for guidance; it is not contractual and it cannot invoke the responsibility of the RATP. The information may be modified or revised without prior notice. The RATP also reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to make improvements and/or modifications to the Next Stop Paris application.

Responsibility on the part of the RATP cannot be invoked for:

 - Damage of any kind, direct or indirect, resulting from use of the Next Stop Paris application and, in particular, any loss of use, any financial or commercial loss, loss of programs and/or data, particularly in the information system of the user of the Next Stop Paris application.

- Damage of any kind, direct or indirect, resulting from the content and/or use of websites/applications associated with the Next Stop Paris application or to which users may have access via the Next Stop Paris application.

 - Inability to access the Next Stop Paris application.

 - Any omissions and/or errors which the Next Stop Paris application may contain.


The geolocation functionality of the application may only be used with the express prior consent of the user whose location is to be identified. To give his consent, if he wishes to do so, the user must activate the geolocation function directly in the settings of his mobile phone and confirm that the Next Stop Paris application is authorised to deploy the function. This functionality may be deactivated at any time without charge.

Once the mobile phone and the application have accepted the function of geolocation, the user is able to:
• be guided during searches for itineraries or plans, both within and outside the RATP network;
• receive advertising messages while using the application.
The mobile phone then automatically calculates its position.

Deactivation of the geolocation function by the Next Stop Paris application and/or the geolocation function of the mobile phone has the effect of barring:
• the services offered by the application that are associated with it: during the search for itineraries and the plan,
• the display of geo-targeted advertising.

Targeting by keyword

The RATP application employs targeting by keyword during requests for itineraries and plans in order to send context-related advertising messages.
Regardless of whether or not the user has agreed to be located by GPS, he may receive advertising messages which are relevant to the itineraries and plans he has searched and entered on his mobile phone.

Personal details

The provision of services offered by the RATP application, such as the display of geo-targeted advertising, is not accompanied by the acquisition, processing or storage of personal details.

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