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In accordance with regulation No. 2016/679, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the RATP Mediation officer is now under obligation to ask you for permission to use your personal data before being able to process your request for Mediation. Your agreement must be formal and explicit. The Mediation process is subject to confidentiality.

Please read our legal notices before continuing.

I consent to the processing of the information entered in the form, as well as any attachments, by the Mediation department, for the purposes stated in the legal notices. Without your permission to use your personal data to process your request, your appeal cannot be entered into the Mediation form:

I agree

You have not given your permission to RATP Mediation to use your personal data to process your request. Consequently, your appeal cannot be entered into the Mediation form.

How to fill out the mediation request form

The mediation request form has 3 parts. You must fill in all of the required fields, which are highlighted and marked with an asterisk (*).
NB: Have any documents ready that may be useful to your case, in digital format. For fines, it is essential to attach a copy of the penalty notice or a copy of the fine receipt. Other examples of useful documents: a written claim to RATP Customer Service department, a reply from Customer Service department, a copy of the travel card, a copy of the tickets, of the bank card receipt, etc.

  1. Part "Prerequisites"

    Answer the questions in part one. This section provides us with key information about your complaint.

  2. Part "Your contact information"

    Enter the requested contact information. This section provides us with key information for responding to your request.

  3. Part "Your complaint"

    Enter your complaint. In part 3, explain why you are requesting mediation. You may describe your complaint in the area reserved for this purpose.

  4. Send in the mediation request form

    You can send your request after completing the three previous steps. After sending the form, a confirmation message will inform you of the number assigned to your request and give you the option of downloading / printing your appeal. You will receive acknowledgement of receipt (admissibility) at your request within three weeks.

The fields marked (*) are mandatory


Have you already filed a written complaint with customer service ?
if you do not have a reference number, indicate the date of your customer service complaint
Was your complaint about a violation ?
If you paid the penalty :
Your first Customer Service claim was less than 1 year ago :

You have past the deadline for filing a complaint with the mediator.
If your case does not correspond to those listed, Please contact us by post.

Your violation notice is less than 3 months old :

Your complaint is more than 2 months old; you have past the deadline for contacting the mediator.
If your case does not correspond to those listed, Please contact us by post.

Your complaint is less than 1 year old :
NB: the postage date of the first claim letter under consideration for the calculation of the claim period.

The claim period has expired; you can no longer request an RATP mediation. However, you do have the option of taking legal action before the competent court, within the legal time limit.

If this does not apply to your case, please contact us by mail :

Mme la Médiatrice du Groupe RATP LAC LC12
54, quai de la rapée
75599 PARIS CEDEX 12

Before contacting the mediator, you must first file a complaint with the customer service of RATP or one of the RATP Group subsidiaries. Customer service contact information If your case does not correspond to those listed, Please contact us by post.


Please identify yourself :
PLEASE NOTE, it is the representative who will be our contact person. This person must ensure the interested party has given their consent to involve the Mediation officer. A Cerfa mandate may be requested.

Veuillez-trouvez ci-dessous un modèle de lettre de procuration :
Modèle de lettre de procuration (PDF)

Un représentant
Parent, legal representative, assistant, tutor, legal or social entity, consumer association, rights defender …
Title :
Example : Bat. A,
52 rue des oliviers
You can download the mandate template from the internet or make a written statement.
An unlimited number of files can be transferred into this field.
Limited to 7 MB.
The claimant
Title :
Example : Bat. A,
52 rue des oliviers


Your client number is on your travel pass. Your client number must not be more than 10 digits

Write a summary of the facts relating to your dispute with RATP and attach documents that will be useful in examining your case. Not including such documents will effectively extend turnaround times due to requests for additional documentation.

Examples of attachments: written complaint to RATP customer service, response from Customer Service, copy of the minutes, copy of the subscription card, etc.
Up to 8 files can be uploaded in this field.
The size of each file is limited to 10MB.
Allowed extensions: docx pdf odt png jpg txt zip.